Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 1 in the MTC

Wow what a week. The MTC is everything and nothing like what I expected. Honestly for how difficult it is I am loving my time here. Day one they sit you down in a class room with a few other missionaries and speak Spanish to you all day. All the teachers speak only Spanish. The entire building is filled with Spanish speakers. It is Crazy. I felt so lost and at a disadvantage by not taking any Spanish, but I keep remembering people learn like Russian and Japanese so they have to know something right? 
On the first day you also meet your companion and your district and your zone. I honestly think I was blessed with the best district and Zone. My sister training leader was actually in my friend group from BYU Summer term so it was super comforting to see a familiar face. My companion is from New Zealand, and is basically the greatest human on earth. She is Samoan and loves to laugh. She is so cute. Her only flaw is she hasn't been to any of the lord of the rings sites... But its cool because she said I could come visit her when we get back and we will go together. Super pumped. She is also going to Costa Rica. I can't wait to see her around once we get into the field. She is the most amazing person and we struggle through Spanish every day together.

Oh there is also an elder from my stake at home in my district. His name is Elder Gibby and I love him. He reminds me of home and we laugh all day about Texas things. But he is almost as cool as a sister in my room. This sister is from a little island outside of Madagascar. She speaks french and was called to France Spanish speaking. So she Is learning Spanish and English here to go to France. She is amazing. 

Sad thing is when you get here the first week Satan works on you really hard. I got really sick and discouraged and wasn't sure if I was where I was suppose to be. I did get a letter from Brad Wilcox the 3 day I was here and that gave me a good boost. (I met him a couple times at Aspen Grove and he remembered me enough to send an encouraging hand written letter the week I entered. What an amazing man.)  But they tell you on the first day if you can make it to Sunday it will all be okay. I made it and we had the most amazing devotional by Chad Lewis and I could feel the spirit telling me it was okay and this is where I need to be. Sundays at the MTC is like a spiritual feast. We also got to watch an MTC devotional that night called Characters of Christ by Elder Bednar. It WAS LIFE CHANGING. After that day I haven't had a single doubt. It has changed my entire perspective on service and following Christ.

If you have any questions about anything Please email or write me! There is nothing more fun then getting mail in the MTC! Elder Gibby got fresh cupcakes mailed too him. They looked delicious, but sadly he didn't share. If you want you can also send me a letter to my companion. Her name is Hermana Soe. She doesn't get mail from her family and probably won't because it takes like 4 weeks to get there. Sad. 

Oh I haven't figured out how to send photos yet so be ready! 

Sorry My thoughts are all over the place. I have been through so many emotions this week I can't even explain to you. But I love it and I'm doing good! 

I love you guys! I hope you all have an amazing week! 

Jordan's first day!

The girls in Jordan's zone

Met up with Elder Fuller and Elder Gibby!

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