Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 2 in the MTC

Sorry guys it's been a crazy week for me. Here's Jordan's letter from a week ago, October 27th.

The weeks here are like months. Each day you feel a million emotions
and then you go to bed and it starts all over again. I guess I can
just give you some highlights or lessons I've learned

On Wednesday I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed and I had to
sleep like all day. I was praying for the strength to get up and I
physically couldn't. I was upset because I felt like because I've been
sick my language and spiritual study was being delayed but I said a
prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me feel better tomorrow.
Enough that I can start learning. And I also humbled myself and told
him that if he makes me better and able to learn I will stop doubting
the call I received to go Spanish speaking. (It's hard to learn a
language. You get frustrated and angry especially since I know sign
language and could totally learn so much faster if I was English or
signing.) so I promised God if he could help me get better and learn I
would put my whole heart into learning the language and loving the
people in Costa Rica. Well Thursday morning rolled around and I woke
up right on time with no alarm and felt great. Seriously it was the
biggest miracle. I haven't been sick since and I've been able to catch
up to everyone and speak just as much as they do even though I was
sick for a week and didn't learn anything. Super cool.

Friday was the day of days. You start teaching in Spanish like 2 days
after being in the MTC and we taught this man (Francisco) for a whole
week. Our last lesson was on Thursday and we finished strong. Then
today we got our second teacher. (You get two teachers who each teach
you for 3 hours ever day) and you'll never guess who it was.
Fransisco! But he is really Hermano Mace from Orem Utah. But I swear I
believed he was from Chile. He is the best teacher ever. He has us run
up and down the stairs 3 times and run around outside and bare our
testimonies to people in Spanish (even if they only speak Japanese)
and we fight every day on what's better Texas or Chile and basically I
have learned so much and I've only had him as a teacher for like a
couple days.
But the best part of the day was that afternoon. We got IPADS. That's
right I am in a pilot program for Spanish speaking missionaries where
they are testing to see if having an iPad in the MTC even if you don't
get one in the field will increase how fast you learn a language. It
is the biggest blessing in the world. I can't even tell you how much
it helps. With google translate and with one thing I have access to
every church book and talk in Spanish and English and we can watch
Mormon messages and email from our iPads! Oh man I have been so

Sunday was good as always. It's filled with beautiful talks and
devotionals. Oh and I got dragged to choir which I actually didn't
hate because he gave us a hint that today the devotional is going to
be broadcasted to every MTC across the world. So basically someone
really important is coming to speak today and I won't be able to tell
you guys for another week. Darn. But we also get to watch church
videos that night and we picked the restoration a super good video
about Joseph smith and the book of Mormon. But there's this one part
in it where he meets his wife and they like talk and I leaned to
Hermana Jess and said this is the closest thing we will get to a chick
flick for 18 months. It was super funny.

Lastly Monday was a roller costed of emotions. We studied in the
morning to teach our TRC investigator (these are members of the church
who had a missionary teach them and they joined the church so they are
acting out their original story before They joined the church and we
have to teach them about God and Jesus ect.) our investigators name is
Jose he is from Guatemala City.
The first time we taught him he said his mom had a big faith in God
and prayed every day but that he just didn't know. He said he felt
very alone and asked if we ever felt alone, my companion didn't no
what he said so she is just like nope. And I'm like ahhh wait don't
tell him no everyone feels alone sometimes. So I told him yes and In
my broken Spanish I told him that when I feel alone I pray to God and
he can comfort us because he knows us. We read some scriptures and I
asked him if he would like to say the closing prayer and he was like
ehhhhh no and out of my mouth comes POR QUE NO . So like I guess I
wasn't leaving this lesson till he prayed. We ended up having him
repeat after Hermana Soe and it turned out really great.
So we came back on Monday prepared with a lesson about joy and prayer
and a loving Heavenly Father. Usually we pray before a lesson and ask
for the gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues and
the spirit so we can know what he is saying and say what the spirit
directs. But we were running late so we ran straight into the lesson
and I do pretty good understanding but I don't rock the speaking part.
But while we were in the lesson I couldn't understand anything and I
started to panic. I realized we forgot to pray so I said a quick
prayer in my head and right when I said amen it was like a switch was
flipped. I was able to understand and answer and he asked me a
question and this beautiful answer flooded out of my mouth in Spanish
and it was the most amazing experience. We all left in tears because
the love and spirit was so strong. It was so amazing to witness this.
In Matt 6:8 it says

8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what
things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

Heavenly Father knows what we need. He knew I needed the gift of
tongues to speak Spanish in that lesson but he can't bless us with
gifts like that unless we have faith and ask for them. We must ask him
for all things and through our faith he can pour out blessings apon
us. But it is through our faith in Christ that we are blessed.

So many great things about this week. Like the Harris's sent me a cake
in the mail. A whole cake. It was delicious and defiantly made my day.
Is like already half gone but it was worth it. The MTC is amazing and
will definitely be an experience I will never forget.

Love you all and your letters and emails! Thanks so much for all your support!

Hermana Freeze

This is our "investigator" before he became our teacher 

and the second picture is Sam's package which was the first package I got filled with lots of delicious weird Asian food that I made everyone try

Elder fuller also left for Ukraine on Monday and I was sad cause I
won't be able to make fun of him or the Russian choir ( he's branch
during our temple walk time when normal people take photos they are
singing hymns in Russian lol)

And just in case you missed my weird ness here ya go

 Sorry but since Sunday is Domingo in Spanish we all wore flamingos or
pink. Because my district is awesome

The guy next to me is going to Barbados speaking French. We met him playing volley ball at gym time and he is basically my favorite human. He is so nice and he left today so we are kinda sad

Ran into elder bird from my mission prep class from our stake


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