Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Only Photos This Week!

Monkeys! Actually there is a ton of monkeys in Costarica so we werent short on that! 

Well we really didnt have many animals to see but have the fun was going in the emty exhibits.


Honestly Its probably the saddest Zoo Ive ever been to.but like hey we got to leave our area!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<probably the coolest Animal here but it was super far away haha 

And honestly the most fun was the photos haha

WE had a party to celebrate the aniversory of the relif socity and Hermana Katia had a ton of these bonets so we put them on and everyone said I looked like ¨the fabric¨thats what theyt call the members of our church from utha haha your from the fabric. So here it is! 

WE had a party to celebrate the aniversory of the relif socity and Hermana Katia had a ton of these bonets so we put them on and everyone said I looked like ¨the fabric¨thats what theyt call the members of our church from utha haha your from the fabric. So here it is! 

I had some raw fish for lunch on sunday which im not susually a fish person but it was sooooo good!.

And heres some fun birds that are just living in these guys houses and its kinda illegal but they cant get the birds to leave haha! 

So here i am milking a Cow to 
drink fresh milk with my cookies. haha that was a fun day! 


Hello FAM!

The mission goes on! Guess who was still sick this week! Meee I had a cold or a flu but when your walking around in the heat all day its hard to see if your sweating cause your sick or if thats just the beating sun! Anyways we had the funnest week! It was the Birthday of Elder Ellis and we spent all week Celebrating my companions birthday too! Oh and today marks 5 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!!!! WOOOOO so yes we partied hard. My spanish is better but worse. cause Hna SOe and me talk in english all the time but then we dont have a latino to talk to everyone else in spanish so our spanish has to be better and it is! Its seriously the weirdest thing. 5 Months and I can do everything a missionary needs to do in spanish! LOCO! But like Im also learning a bunchof cool New zeland things like FOB,which means Fresh of the boat! And thats how Im feeling right now. A total FOB but like hey the costaricans understand us so I guess thats all that really matters! Heres the bad news from this week. My camera is filled with all sorts of Viruses becausethe computers here SUCK and theres a good chance my photos might be gone and I cantsend any this week.... Sooo yeah Im like really mad. I had some sweetpotos of all our parties this week! And we bought crocs! And were going to the ZOO Today! So like supermad my camera isnt working. THat just means next week is gonna be straight photos and no email haha. Anyways I love you all and the Gospel and the Gift of tongues is soo real! Also I hope you are all preparing for confrence the 1st week in abril! Its gonna be so good! We actually get to hear from a prophetof God and someof his 12 Apostles! If your not preping now to hear these special witnessesof the savior,START! Right down questionsof your soul and be prepared for an anwser!Like the lastconfrence the theme was The Sabbeth day. Because keep the Sabbett day Holy is a comandment of the LOrd and how hard is it in these days to follow this. How many things are only on sunday or how many times do we do what we want to do during the week only to save eeverything we have to do for sunday. 

This is a comandment that hasbeen over looked for too long. If your worriedabout your testimony or thingsare just toostressed during the week, KEEP THE SABBETH DAY HOLY! In the words of Isaiah: This

 13 ¶If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, fromdoing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath adelight, the holy of the Lordhonourable; and shalthonour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thineown pleasure, nor speaking thine own words:
 14 Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lordand willcause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, andfeed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for themouth of the Lord hath spoken it. 

 This Day is not to do our own will. We must give the whole day to God. And that means more than just Going to church for 3 hours and calling it good. We must save this whole day for him and He will bless us in ways we never though! Please lets give this holyday back to GOd because he already Giftedus with 6 days and he is only really asking for 1. I promise if you Keep this comandment you will see a great change in your life. A change of light and happiness. 

Anyways I love you all! 
Con Mucho Amor! 
Hermana Freeze! 

Stress is so real in the mission.

Well hello fam all is well in the Barrio with the two hermanas who dont speak spanish! We have had a heck of a week and it went by even faster then the first two together! and heres the bad news first. I cant sleep. I was so sick 3 days this week because I havent been able to sleep for like 3 weeks. So my body finally had enough and shut down this week. I had a ton of problems eating this week and a threw up like two nights(sorry for the imformation) and I had migranes like crazy. and then i like basically couldnt one day. So yes stress is real. And guess what my stress is. Well being in another country and not knowing spanish but like knowing enough spanish is one thing but what really has been stressing me is the leaders in the mission! They are killing me. They are more needy then our investegators. And sometimes the lack of the support in the ward is hard too. but i guess some how president found out that I been sick because im not sleeping and he made us come in for an interview. And I just got to let it all out and then he basically gave me permission to tell everyone to back off and me and hermana Soe can just work and do what we do! so we are going to go work super hard these next few weeks. Oh and since me and president are cool he told me I have another change with Hermana Soe so we have like 2 and a half months to find some miracles in Jardin. So no need to worry. SOmething I heard that I loved was the work will always go on. You can help the work or you can do nothing but it wont hurt the work. People have tried to ruin the work of salvation and its niot possible. Really the lord doesnt even need missionaries! he just needs faithfull saints to live the gospel to the best of the ability and then some. So please if theres something you struggle with in the gospel of Jesus Christ or dont understand. Start now. Start with one thing at a time. Pray about it. Read about it. put the principle in your life and try to live it. and with you fail because no ones perfect Repent and start again. Pray, read, learn, Practice, repent and I can promise you will see the blessings and you will gain a testamony of this part of the gospel of Jesus Christ becuase remember his Gospel is perfect. The church isnt perfect because we arent perfect but the Gospel is perfect. Every principle can help us in this life and in the next where, if we are faithful, we can live with our families forever. That is why we are here. That is our goal. La Vida Eterna! So keep on treking! I know this life isnt easy but life is to be Enjoyed not endured! Till next week mi familia! 
te Amo! PURA VIDA! 

Hermana Freeze 

The Hand of the Lord is Always in His Work.

We I dont have that much time this week because Im sick. But I promise the week went good.

We have a tone of New Progressing because The lord has been guiding us to all the people we need to find and when you cant speak the language that good you rely on the spirit 100% of the time. Good news is with what spanish we know we are able to survive and weve found a ton of people and had the oppertunity to serve them all which is our purpose here! 

Sorry I dont have much to write today I really cant even think of specifics because this week through by, Just know That Im doing good and the work is progressing because everything is in the lords time and the lords way! And I find its harder and harder to speak english... 

I love you all thinks for your prayers and support! 

Pura Vida! 
Hermana Freeze

Winning the battles, but losing the war.

This week was super hard. First of trios are hard. Secound Hermana Montepueque is in like all sorts of pain with her teeth and what not and wasnt really that nice but like you got to understand she cant eat or sleep. Third hermana Soe and I have a ton of anxity for the furture and honestly we are so scared to be left alone. And Last I was super sick and like wasnt a happy camper this week. And well the Mission is hard. 

All this week has just been weird. Teaching is weird and Hna M keeps trying to make us do stuff and we keep fighting her. Cause she like acts like shes not part of our compaionship but she is so we faught her all week long to not be left alone. And we won almost all of them untill she left this morning to get her wisdom teeth taking out and now its just me and Hermana Soe in this big Spanish World. So this is gonna be a fun week. Its gonna be the MTC all over again. And the conclusion I came to as WHy Im in this situation is becuase President trust me... I DONT WANT TO BE TRUSTED. I wanna be a problem misionary they have more fun. or at least less responsibility and resposibility in the mission is scary. But Yesterday I had a good boost. One of the members said my spanish has improved so much! He said he cant belive i UNDERSTAND SO MUCH FOR ONLY 4 MONTHS OF SPANISH EVER!! (sorry Caps Lock) So that was a good last min help with my confidence this week. 

Oh and this week as been SUPER HOT. Im dying. WE have been sweating and hiking all over our area its crazy. so if Im looking rough in my photos its because these last few days have been rough. 

Oh and one thing Ive really been learning and recognizing more is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has one of the most important roles in this world. To testify of truth. And those who are baptised recive this Gift. THis gift is more powerful than anything you can imagine. Especially if you are living worthy to have it every day. We have to investagators in particular who this week told us that They could see the Holy Ghost in us. That the only reason the listened is becuase the can feel the goodness and the truth as we speak and even when we first enter thier house. I know this is because I am living worthy to have the companionship of the holy Ghost in my Life. Thats how powerful this girft is. People can see it and feel it even before you open your mouth to speak. I am so greatful for the guidence of the spirit in my life and for the opertunity to help other people recive this amazing gift. If your struggling with feeling the spirit we need to ask ourselves. Am I really Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Am I reading my Scriptures everyday and obeying the Commandments of God... Every Commandment, especially keeping the Sabeth day Holy? Are my thoughts clean and worthy to have a member of the God head as my Companion? If you anwsered No to any of these no worries you can start today. Repent and Try again, set spiritual goals every week and achieve them! 

I love you all SOOOOO Much thanks for all your letters the really help when the language gets you down! 

Shout out to the Arkanssa Bunch for all their CHristmas cards this week. Nothing like a 2nd Christmans in Febrero to brighten your day!! Seriously I am so Grateful for you guys and all your love and prayers and letters! 

Stay tuned to find out all the trials me and Hermana Soe have to go through this week! haha Wish us Luck! 

Pura Vida! 
Hermana Freeze 

The Actual Fastest Week of My Life

Im seerious. The fastest week of my life. 

We have divisions with hermana Perez because she still doesnt have a companion... its crazy dont ask. 

We had a meeting that lasted from 8 in the morning to 5pm at the office. It was awesome but super long. then we had divisions with the other hermanas because my companion has to do that kind of stuff, so went to the other area to help hermana Perez! 

We has to go out of our mission to get a Pano for the wisdom teeth of my companion which she has to get takin out. 

side note. 

We saw a miracle this week. We had been teaching a family and one day we went to teach them and the grandpa said no ones here. and we were like okay thats okay well just come back. and then he was like NO NEVER COME BACK. THEY DONT LIKE YOU. GOD WILLING YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK TO MY HOUSE.... and we were like uhhh okay were gona talk to Jose and stephanie about it but have a great day. And for like a good solid week we tried to teach but it never worked out and idk thngs were just weird. Well we had advice not to go back to the house without 3rd person and this day we still had Hermana Perez with us so we decided to go. The grand father was there but he was sick and sleeping on the couch. We started to teach the Restoration of the GOspel of Jesus Christ. The Most important lession and as we were teaching the Grandpa started to like move and wake up, but the spirit was so Strong and we just kept teaching and baring testimony of all these things and you will never belive what happen. The gandpa acepted our lesson.He even told us I never understood before, im 75 years old and still learning and I kno0w what your saying is true please can I have a book of mormon to read and know for myself... and were like uhhh yeah Ive got one right here for you. and Jose also was like I lovwe the bible and your telling me there is more than just the Bible... like God talks to all his people... and were like YES. Ah man seriously miracle. It was the most powerful lesson we have had so far. And I cant even Explain the joy we felt for them Super great day. 

Found out about our changes... Turns out I get a new Companion. Some of you may recognize her. She was my companion in the MTC... and yep we have the same amount of spansh... which means we are both going to die in our area. But Hna Montepeque will be with us for 3 weeks maybe but she will be having surgery... so were all on our own in this beautiful spanish world... help. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COMPANION! we has a ton of fiestas it was so fun. The main one was at our favorite families house because thier little daugfhter Camilia has a birthday this week too! Seriously tho saturday was one of the most fun days. 

My companion got sick at church so we had to go lay down at a members house and the day just disapeared.

ANd here we are. Hermana Soe is sitting next to us. We have three girls living in this tiny apartment ment for 2 and well this might as well be the most interesting 6 weeks of my mission so stay tuned to find out how much spanish we really dont know.

Love you all thanks for your support as always! 

Hermana Freeze 

Another Fast Week

This week went so fast I didnt even get to write in my journal. We lost alot of investagators so we spent all week knocking on doors trying to find people. In my mision we have to have 20 progressing investagators at all time. So sincce we dropped down to 12 weve had to work really hard to find people. Which means exploring our area. and our area is HUDGE. Aparently it was opened with my companion just before me so we have lots of new streets to search in. Its hard becuase we have to take a buss like 10/15 min to get to the the other side so it means lots of walking and lots of talking to new people in spanish. My spanish is improving well and I understand a good bit. I even teach full lessons without help from my companion, but usually thats because the member or investagator doesnt like her and will only listen to me so I have to, haha. Latins are funny sometimes. 

Turns out that we have more rual areas in Jardin not just city. We found a nice man with a Cow and Gave him a book of mormon. and I even got to touch it, not sure if it was a good idea but hey you just got to do it. Also while contacting we found this kid who was like I dont belive in God. And man it was super exciting. We both like whiped out our scriptures and testified of our loving heavenly father and he even left with a Book of Mormon. (he doesnt belive in the bible) so if we can get him to see the truth in the book of mormon we can help him see the truth of Jesus Christ in the bible too. So Lots of fun.

Im still obsessed with all the dogs here and it usually helps us find people. I make friends with their dog and  my companion teaches them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And they usually let us come back. So in realitly the dogs are on our side too. 

Nothing much super Crazy happened this week. I honetly cant tell you what we did it went so fast. We had to cook our own lunches this week. Which actually turned out delicious and super healthy, except we made empanadas and I burned my companion... but like really her foot moved under the drop of oil. so im not sure. Another Fun fact! We have this nice little man that sells avacatos outside our house and we alwasy buy 4 for like a dollar and he thows in a 5th so we get to eat lots of fresh and delicious guacamole all the time! Super Rico 

Today has been a busy day too. I got my hair Cut... for 4 dollars and my companion went to the dentist... and she needs her wisdom teeth out soo depending on if we get transfered this next week its gonna be lots of time in our apartment the next month. SO wish me luck. I hear its borring because we really have nothing we can do.

Sorry for the random email. I cant even tell you how fast this week has gone but I did here something interesting. If your about to start reading the Book of mormon again read it from back to front. By books. Aparently its a completly different book and makes alot of since. So like start and read moroni 1 to 10 and then start then next book at chapter 1. Interesting I know but aparently it will help you a ton with your knowledge of the scriptures. 

Let me just finish my testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It does not replace the Bible and should be used with the Bible. For those of you who have not read the Book of Mormon. Read it. For those of you who have doubts. Pray about it. I promise you that if you pray with real intent ready to act on what ever anwser you recive. God will anwser and show you the truthfullness of his Gospel through this book. The book of Mormon Is Another Testiment of Jesus Christ and if you would like to strenghthen your testimony in Him. I advice you start reading it now. It can change your life and help you know of a surity that Jesus is the Christ. let me end with the last two paragraphs in the introduction of the book of Mormon and I extend this invitation to all. 

We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ if the book is true. Those who pursue this course and ask in faith will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost. (SeeMoroni 10:3–5.) Those who gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know by the same power that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that Joseph Smith is His revelator and prophet in these last days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the Second Coming of the Messiah.
I hope we all can understand the importants of this testimony in the last days. Faith is not by chance but by choice. Choose to have faith and I promise God will pour out his blessings apon you. I love you all! Thank you for everything! 
Hermana Freeze 

Where did the Week go?

This week went so fast and thinking back I cant even tell you anythig that happened.Im sure lots happened, good and bad. And im sure I have lots of spanish stories, good and bad, but I honestly cant think of any. The highlight of the week was Saturday. It was the craziest day. We took a Van 2 hrs to the othre mission and go to see Elder Baker (he was in the MTC with me) which was fun to talk about the differences in our missions and I got to talk to the Gang and see Hermana Soe who I LOVE! We had a little picnic and got fresh fruit and then we got to listen to an apostle of the Lord speak. A real special witness of the lord Jesus christ. That he lives and Guides the Church today! It was the most amazing experience that I cant even begin to tell you the things I heard, learned, and felt. I cant tell you that our Savior lives and he hasnt left us alone in this beautiful world! After the conference I we got bussed back and we ran to our ward activity that had already started and at the End of the activity we had 3 Baptisms. The childfren of a family we had been teaching! It was absolutly beautiful. After we spent an hour frantically looking for clothes. And one of her kids ended up wearing tights from our neighbors. Its a long story. But anyways this week was good and ended with the spiritial exspereince of a lifetime. Thats all I really have for this week. Im just so tired I cant remember anything. haha The mission is awesome but it kicks your but with sleep and work. I hope everyone is having a good week dont forget to read your scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. Thats the word of God at your fingertips. So go read it. It will change your life. 

Con Amor 
Hermana Freeze 

Ups and Downs

The mission is seriously the best and worst time of your life haha. And by worst its really not bad at all. It is all kinda really confusing. Lets take food for example.

All in one week I had the best meal Ive ever eaten on my mission and the worst. ewwww
Worst. We had white bread, white rice, potatos, some choped tomato with chopped up hot dogs in a liquidy red sauce oh and we drank jell-o as our drink. like straight lime jell-o that haddent formed yet. And remember every porton is a thanks giving dinner portion. So yeah that one was rough. Oh and my companion couldnt finish hers so I had to help. I thought I was going to die. 

But yesterday we had the most amazing meal. We had rice but it was like a different rice. honestly the best rice ive had in costarica with some grilled fresh veggies sauted acorn squash a grilled chicken that was amazing and a fresh limeaid with fresh basil and a cin-apple struddle for dessert. Oh my gosh it was so good. solike ups and downs everyday.

With spanish this week its been a big thing to tell jokes but like I dont understand any of them. I spend all day laughing at nothing. But I think my companion is the only one who realizes I have no idea what is going on.

Oh also this week we had a missionary get sick and go home so she has to trio with me and my companion but we have 2 areas Gravillias and Jardin so I spent half the week in one and half the week in the other and we had to find tons of members to help be companions. It is seriously crazy. I have no Idea how we did it. But I was in the other area this week and we were at an investagators house and I had actually taught once before there with Hermana Perez so that was fun to see because a Month ago the didnt want to go to church or do anything and now we are teaching there 17 year old daughter as weel. So we were teaching the law of Chastity and her little brother just starts climbing all over me and taking my stuff so im fighting of this 3 year old while we are trying to teach and Im talking he is ALL OVER ME like on top of my back and im like pushing him off like crazxy. Its aweful. The he gets a hold of my water bottle and straight in his mouth.... ewwww so I had to wash it like 4 times. you just dont really trust the mouth of a wild child ya know. The Hna Perez was praying and ive got my hads clapsed and as shes praying I am gaurding my stuff from this kid and he ends up like with all my stuff and standing on my back. Man it was a difficult lesson. This same kid while we were in the church waiting for his mom he like was Running everywhere so finally he runs into the bathroom and shuts the door and flushes the tolit with his hands in the water and hes drinking it too... lets just say it was a hard weekend.

But heres the cool thing this same family who didnt want to go to church or read their scriptures after a month they were at the baptism of the elders saturday night. Then on the way to there house the mom said I recived an anwser. I know its all true I want to get baptised tomarrow... and were like uhhh are you sure. dont you want to wait for your husban or daughter. and shes like no. this is my decision I want to get baptised tommarrow. And its like 8:45pm and if she wants to get baptised tomarrow it has to be at 8AM... so we called the bishop hoping he would say no... but he said yes. so within 12 hours we got called and got permission from everyone, called and got talks set, songs picked, filled up the font, set up all the chairs, found baptismal clothes (the hardest part), had the baptismal interview had members and everthing there at 8 am and she was baptised and recived the gift of the holy ghost in sacrament at 9am. 12hrs and the baptism went without a problem. It was lots of running and we had to wake up super early for the font and the clothes... it was seriosly crazy and I have no idea how we did it. And the good news is I didnt get robbed... yayyyy. seriously the biggest miracle I have ever seen. 

So as you can see its been quite a week. And we have an Apostle of the lord coming on saturday this week so stay tuned for that. Oh and saturday we have 3 more baptisms and a ward activity. so thats gonna be a fun day.

Oh I forgot to say I finally got my christmas packages from my family this week too! So I had a secound christmas in our apartment. It was great. we even had santa hats and stockings!

Oh and I got to hold a super cute cat this week. So you all can enjoy those pictures. 

Love you all! 
Hermana Freeze