Friday, January 8, 2016

"Hola Familia!"

Hello! Another week has come and gone. And we have Cambios Today! And Im loosing my dad :( My district learder is being made a zone leader in a different area and in the mission he is my father... so now I have two dads because my training has 6 more weeks. Everything is great in the mission life. Like we dont have lot and its super hard work mentally physically and emotionally AND Spirutually but I love it. Missionaries are just fun people, at least here and we always have a good time through it all. 

For example. Everytime we see a Bug like the Car my companion says cockroach in spanish and hits me on the arm. Well this is hard because there isnt a lot of those cars and my companion always see them cause my prain is always trying to think in spanish which takes ALOT of effort. So basically we were like new game. Everytime you see a cat and you say Kitten in spanish we can hit each other on the arm. And man its haard. Cause cats are everywhere!! But like not only are they everywere they are in weird places. Like ill see one on the ground and hit my companion and 2 secounds latter she will hiot me and Im like Donde?? and of course there is a cat like on the roof or in the gutter. Dang its hard. Yessterday we went to a members house and they had 7 cats... so that was fun. 

Another funny thing is the rivers here alwasy have like giant things in it. Like what you may ask?  Like a TV or a couch or a car. Its kinda hilarious. Everytime theres something new Ill turn to my companion and be like oh you wanted a fridge right? there ya go theres one in the river... alwasy. 

oh and I finally got my mission tridition!! It is this Icecream called TRITS (but the pronounce it like treats) ITs basically this giant delicious icecream sandwhich with like a gram cracker cookie and chocholate swirl. Its basically delicous. And only 6 weeks late. So that was a good day! 

Oh for new years we went to the same family we were at for christmas. They LOVE us. they ask us if we are coming by every single day. but im not sure why because the mom doesnt belive in the Book of Mormon and basically just loves missionaries and I dont know why? But her house is nice and she cooks good food so we alwasy go! This time it was BBQ and chorizo. But they ate the chorizo with mayo and ketchup on a corn tortilla... I really dont understand the fasination with ketchup here. Anyways it was fun! My companion got to skype her mom and we ate and then sang kareokee super terribly. It was a good time untill the night came and of course we didnt sleep because the bombas (fireworks) and our new neighbors love to blast rap music all the time... like little wayne and stuff. Its super fun when it goes all night long... anywasy the also trashed our driveway and we have a ton of flies now. Oh also there dont loves to bark its like this little rat dog and it never shuts up but the morning after jan 1 it didnt bark once at us... I think it was drunk cause they left there achole everywhere haha

Jan 1 was hard to becasuse every house or investagator we talked to was like sorry we are sleeping. So we basically walked around all day and tried to serve. We helped a lady stalk the shelves in her grocire store and that was it. So it was a good day. We have seen lots of miracles this week and I cant even begin to start. I do know that God loves each and every one of his children and he has alwasy been a god of miracles. But we know that miracles cease today because of our unbelif, not because god changes. It is us who have grown farther from God. I incourage all of you to have faith and follow our savior Jesus Christ because Faith in Christ can produce so many miracles! 

This is one of my All time favorite Scriptures in Mosiah 9

 15 And now, all ye that have imagined up untoyourselves god who can do no miracleswould ask ofyou, have all these things passed, of which have spoken?Has the end come yet? Behold say unto you, Nay; andGod has not ceased to be God of miracles.
 16 Behold, are not the things that God hath wroughtmarvelous in our eyes? Yea, and who can comprehend themarvelous works of God?
 17 Who shall say that it was not miracle that by hisword the heaven and the earth should be; and by thepower of his word man was created of the dust of theearth; and by the power of his word have miracles beenwrought?
 18 And who shall say that Jesus Christ did not do manymighty miraclesAnd there were many mighty miracleswrought by the hands of the apostles.
 19 And if there were miracles wrought then, why has Godceased to be God of miracles and yet be an unchangeableBeing? And behold, say unto you he changeth notif sohe would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God,and is God of miracles.
 20 And the reason why he ceaseth to do miracles amongthe children of men is because that they dwindle inunbelief, and depart from the right way, and know not theGod in whom they should trust.
God is A God of Miracles. I Know it and If yoou Pray you can know it too!
I love you all! 
Con Amor 
Hermana Freeze 

"A week that I will never forget"

I dont even know where to start this week has been absolutly crazy. First of let me say that I love being a missionary I get to study the scriptures for 3 hours everyday and go meet random people every day and tell them how much Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has blessed my life. If you feel like your not reciving blessings in your life from God I encourage you to look at the things your lacking in obedience to Gods commandments. Is it Remembering to read your scriptures, are you praying every day, are you attending your church meetings on sundays. I can testify that it is the small acts of obedience that can bring great miracles in your life. If your not sure what your next step is pray about it. Prayer is our communication with our father in heaven and is key in our understanding of Gospel Principles!

Anyways my week.

So first we will start off with christmas. Christmas here is celebrated on the 24 they party all night long and the the 25 isnt like a big thing. So we were invited to someones house who isnt a member of our church and we were invited to hang out with the elders and meimbers of our church as well. So we had said yes to both, one at 6 and one at 8. the first one we showed up and she hadnt even started dinner so she put the chicken in the oven and it took 2 HOURS TOO COOK. so of course we had to wait. but while we waited I watched the end of ant man in spanish and her husban painted our nails. Then we ate some delicious food and didnt leave till like 8:50... Ahhh we ran to the other house and they werent even finished cooking either so we had to wait till they finished and then we ate more delicous food and lastly we bobbed for apples. Weird but it was funn. so I knelt down on a dirt flour in a dress and stuck my head in a pale of water for some apples. but was totally worth it because it was a good apple. And the BbQ there was SOOOO good. just like home yummm.

Christmas was just lots of hard work and no body was in the streets so we didnt get to contact anyone. but it was still fun we got to see our favorite family and we also made this fried dough thing. Its flour and water and you role it our really thin frie it in oil like a giant cracker put honey all over it and eat it. Suprisingly pretty good and cheap to feed this family of 10! So good day all in all.

Oh we were also walking around in a new area and we found this family that my companion taught a little and then after they gave us some Coke (people love Coke here) And she was talking to me in english and how much she loves it and I got to Teach the entire restoration in English. super twanies. I felt like I could finally express myself for once. So super good day.

The sunday Came and we had a baptism of our investagator Cecilia. She is super sweet like a friendy grandmother that loves fake nails. Well in the morning at 6 am we walked to fill up the font because her baptism was at 8 that morning. On the way we got robbed. We atempted robbery. Basically he only tried to rob me and all I had were white pants for the baptism choclate and my mission manual. He kept trying to take my bag and I kept saying i dont have any money you can search my bag I need these pants! and when he finally listned to what I was saying he looked and picked up the chocolate, threw it back in my bag and left. So i dont really know what it was. Good news is he didnt touch my companion and she had our phone and keys and money! Ahhh close call.

Then we had a wonderful baptism. oh but just before the baptism the bishop asked us to speak in saccrament meeting. So I had 20 min to prepare a 8 min talk about preparing for a mission in alanguage I barely know.... yay. And of course I had to speak first. Good news is I did it and thats done with. Then we also had a lady yell at our church door and ask us for money for her dead grandchild... weird. and then the bishop told her we would come to our hopuse and help her and share a message about Jesus. Me and my companion didnt have a good feeling about it so we walked by and couldnt find her house so we just went on with our day. Personally I didnt want to get robbed again. So we gave her address to the elders and they are gonna go by.

Lastly we had a barbuque today at the mission presidence house. And their hopuse is SOOO NICE. Like dang. it felt weird being in a nice place. Like I felt uncoftable at first cause of how clean and pretty it was. But it all ended up good because we had some good talks and I got to see the MTC Squad and we had some DELICIOUS hamburgers and beans and chips. And we even had cake for presidents birthday. SO all good times and we are just getting back to our area to do everything for Pday.
Man there is no time in the mision for anything.

Fun fact. We found a Cat (a baby Kitten) at the church and I name him Thomas after the Profet. Super adorable and we took him to a members house to live so Now I have 4 animals that I have named in Costarica. Basically I Love it here.

Thanks for the letters and cards. I apreciate all the love you guys send me. I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and Remebered the birth of the savior, because It is him that we celebrate. Never forget that because of him all is posible. I love you guys!   Watch this Its one of my favorites.

Also is the new video and it is wonderfull! 

Con Mucho Amor
Hermana Freeze  

"Another week come and gone"

This week was super good. Let me apologize in advance for my terrible spelling this week. My keyboard is in spanish and the lertters are rubbed off so its like imposible to type. And you have like no time to go back and correct everything! 

This week I felt super comfortable with my spanish. I still dont say much and sometimes its hard to know whats going on but I have been able to get through. I talked and taught alot this week and I am able to say what I want only missing a few words. Its been a supper good week. I also felt Like I understood the most this week then any other. Super good.

This week was lits of weird stuff. I went on my first divisions the STL. Which basically means you switch companions for the day. It was hard at first cause your in like a different place and a different person who you dont know and they dont know you and she speaks only spanish and she doesnt know how much spanish I know so it was honestly terrifying. Also because their apartment is never clean and filled with spiders. (We clean our apartment every week and it is SOOO Clean). Anyways it turned out okay and I really learned alot for it but the funny thing is how usufull I am to other people just because I know english. I corrected all their spanish to english workbooks and I even wrote out a song in english because Im the only girl that speaks english so this is the only time she could get help. its kinda super funny to me.  But the day was good. I taught how Jesus Christ Astablished his gospel in the old days like 5 times so basically If you want to know that in spanish I can teach you no problem. So good day after I got over my fear of leaving my companion, except I did come back with like 5 spider bites... yay 

Other funny thing. My companion woke me up at 1 in the morning saying turn on the light turn on the light. So I did and she said listen... Im like in a daze and didnt hear anything untill sudentlly I heard it. There was an animal running around in our celing. IT WAS TERRIFYINGGGG We took a shoe and threw it at the ceiling. It woiuld stop and then go again and man it was LOUD. It was soo creepy because it never stoped and we thought it was just going to jump through the wall while we were sleeping... eww. absolutly crazy.

The crazy thing about being here is I feel super comfortable even tho I dont speak that much spanish. Like The weird thing is I keep forgeting that everyone speals pnly spanish. Every time I see or talk to a person I expect them to speak english. It honestly talkes me a secound to realize that they arent spealing englshg anf I have no Idea what is going on. Crazy.  But the crazy thing is how good the food is here. My new favorite food is this salad thing. They take an un ripe mango and the chop it up really thin into the shape of french friends and they put salt and lime and chile on it and you eat it. It has the consistancy of an apple and it is super spicy and absoliutly delicuiouis. Its my treat evevery monday I get a mango salad!Q Yummmm

But the best part of this week is We had our Christmas Fiesta!!! It was sooo fun. The whole mission got together and we had dinner and sung songs and opened gifts. It was sooo fun! I got to see my district from the MTC and it was the best moment ofd my life. Even better to find out that they are just as lost as me! funny thing is my area is the closet to the office and we were an hour and a half late.... whoops.My MTC district thouight I went home to texas... Ha ha ha funny cause we had bets to see who would go home first. It was so good to see all my friends and just have a good time listning to pewople sing! Hermna Soe gave me a present and the mission presedency made gifts and stackings for everyone! seriosuly the biggest blessing to get to seen everyone and Celiebrate the reason we are here to preach about our savior Jesus Christ. Ah So Wonderfull. 

We have a baptism this week as well and Im so excited. Her name is cecilia and she is this sweet old lady that wants to follow the savior Jesus Chrisrt.

There has also been so many miracles this week. I can tell you right now that God hears your prayerts and her loves you and anwsers everyone one. It might not be what you want but it will alweays be what you bçneed, 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind words of support. I wish I could express my grattitufde!
Con Mucho Amor 

Hermana Freeze 

No photos this week unfortunately... :( 

"Todo Bien"

Well week two has come and gone and all is well.

So much happens each day I dont even have time to write in my journal at night! ahh but its sooo good! Ill start with yesterday and today.

Sunday was Awesome and I didnt have to talk in front of the whole congregation in spanish. Whoop whoop! Everyone in my ward is SO Nice. Like the best people you could imagine. They are all so pacient with my lack of spanish and they send there love all the time. Yesterday afternoon our stake put on a christmas party in the park. There was a stage and each ward sung like 3 christmas songs for everyone. In my ward the young women decided to do it which means me too. So I got up with 10 other girls and we sung Joy to the World and Hark the harold angels sing in spanish for everyone. Way out of my comfort zone but hey thats what the mission is all about! IT was alot of fun and I LOVE Christmas so it was a nice break from working all day! Then we hiked to asseri (another mission area in our zone) and all of the sisters in our zone slept in one apartment. Okay let me tell you, I thought are apartment was like really nice but I was like maybe I just expected a nasty place to live... No our apartment is WAY nice. This other apartment was nasty they had a mini friedge that was nastyy and there was like 3 colonies of ants living all over the place and their sink was nasty and their dishes werent clean and there stuff was everywherre... it was scary. And we had to sleep 6 missionaries on 3 twin mattresses with no pillows or blankets... it was an adventure. Oh and let me mention that all 7 other missionaries are native spanish speakers. That was scary, having a slumber party with girls that dont speak your language. but none the less it was really fun except I didnt sleep like at all. We then got up at 3 am to leave at 4am to hike a mountain in the dark. Man I was praying the whole way up cause I couldnt see nothing. It was honestly a miracle that nobady got hurt. So we hiked for like 2 hours to this rock and watched the sunset! it was SOOOO Beautiful! I felt so humbled by it. You realize how small you are and how amazing God is and how blessed you are when you look at a view like that! Man absolutly incredable. So Supper Good time! 

The rest of the week was good. I got some sad news from my family but its okay bacause I was studdying my scriptures and I was reading in 2 Nephi 4 (Ithink) and Nephi talks about all the things God has helped him through and in one of the verses he basically says Its okay because " I know in whom I Have trusted" or something like that. It really anwsered my pray and reminded me thet He is always in charge. I know that I am suppose to be her right now and that my familly is being watched over. In the end of this trial I want to look back and say I Hermana Freeze Know in whom I have trusted. So all is well. But please keep my family in your prayers!

Other fun things. Remeber those dogs that I named randomly, well the names stuck. The owner still calls them Blacky, Curly, and Oreo. Lol. And we saw this cat that was like the fluffiest and whitest beautiful cat I havve ever seen and so it is Rey del Gatos (king of the cats) so now we joke and every perfect cat we see joins the royal family of Cats! Ahh So good! Its hard work here and we walk ALLLL the time but you find things to keep it fun like naming everyones animals!

Another fun thing about costa rica is the weather here is perfect. Its hot in the mornings but we are usually inside studying till 11am so its perfecct. It cools down in the afternoon when we do the most walking and the tempeture is perfect. It cools down alot at night ewnough that I can use a blanket and sleep comfortably. Actually the worst place to be in Costa Rica is Inside because it blocks the breeze and the the humidity just takes over and you get really hot really fast... But I basically am so Blessed because this place is just different enough to feel like a different country and just similar enough to feel safe and homie. Idk maybe I have been around to many mexicans and Puerto Ricans becuase This place feels like home. The native spanish speakers feel more like home then the americans... So like thats nice! 

Spanish is coming okay! everyone tells me I speak better and anm learning faster than most people but it doesnt feel like it... I get so frusterated with my self because I cant say what I want. Everyone thinks Im shy... Like no I just cant talk to you like I normally would if it was English! They say after 3 Months you can pretty much understand everything and another 3 months to be cofortable speaking completly! But its okay because I have the best Companion In the world and she gets me and listens to my messed up spanish. She is honestly an Angel!! 

Well I dont know what much to say. Maybe I will get better at Writting next week. I will write down what I want to tell you guys so My emails arent so all over the place! Ahhh Wish me luck for the next couple weeks they are going to be fun! Oh and we have a christmas Party on the 22 so we will be writing home on tuesday instead! 

I Love and miss everyone! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

Con Mucho Amor 

Hermana Freeze! 

"Hola from Costa Rica!"

First off this is a spanish Keyboard so it is going to be a rough email.

Anyways All is well. I dont even know where to start. The day we came to costarica was fun. my district from the MTC and one other took a bus, the train, the trax, and 2 flights to get to Costa Rica. All went well. I sat next to these 2 guys on the first flight and talked to them for 4 hours about their life a jesus and my mission it was way fun. The one of them bought me a snadwich. It was so nice, and the best food I had had in weeks. We made it here safe and the Mission President picked us up. The we went to the temple and then McDonalds lol. It was actually really fun. Then we woke up the second day and you go with some random copanionship and go to work. So I know no spanish and day one you are out there Preaching away. Its been so Good tho. Hermana Soe taught them how to play some island game and we play games alot so all the missioanries love our group! Good times. I got my "Mom" she is so short and cute. She is from Guatamala. Her name is Hermana Montepeque. And she doesnt speak english. Its cool tho cause she is so nice and pacient. She is also learning English as I learn Spanish so thats fun. Even though we dont comuniccate perfectly she is so nice and loving and we laugh at everything. Oh and Christian She LOVES Anima lol. Oh man BTW this country is filled with Cats and Dogs and Christmas. I love it. Everyone is so Nice and I get to pet like 20 dogs a day. Fun thing Is I actually names some puppies yesterday so yeah I love this place.

Okay other things. We have a Member named Nacy who cooks us lunch every day. She is an amazing cook. Every thing she gives me is delicious except a weird beet potato salad. It was straight up nasty.But I ate it all. Oh we also have rice and beans for every meal... Like im talking at least rice for EVERY MEAL. But its cool cause its actually pretty good. They have 3 tradictional rice and bean dishes here and they are all rice and beans but they have like 3 diffrent names its crazy. People dont have much but we are in the City so its less poor. we were in an investagators house she gave is tuna and crackers and oreos and warm milk once for dinner. It was supper humbling and nice. And suprisingl Oreos in warm milk is pretty great.

Other fun things
My area is Jardin. which is garden in spanish. you dont knock here you just walk up and say OO-PAY (thats not how it is spelled but it is what it soundslike). thats fun. Oh man people are so lazy when they speak here that when normally you would say Buenas Dias, people just say Buenas for everything. Its kinda fun and super easy. I dont under stand alot but it gets better every day. Its hard because we teach lessons anywhere and everywhere not just like in homes and there is so many distractopns and it is hard to understand what people are saying unless I am Completly focused here.

Oh are apartment is actually quite nice. I love it. Its not cramped and the shower isnt cold (but it isnt Hot either) I do get like a new bug bite everyday. I think there is a mesquito living in my bed with me... The weather is also super nice because its hot and your sticky but there is a super nice breeze all the time and when it rains it cools it down alson. Oh man all is wonderful. 

Dont get me wrong my feet hurt like crazy and I sweat a ton and eaten some weird food and I barely speak spanish so some hours I have no idea what is going on but. IT is wonderful. There is no place I would rather be then teaching about Jesus! 

Today was super fun! We played soccer and basket ball and went to lazer tag and had quiznos! Best P-day Every! Well I don t know what more to say except for It sucks to learn a language. I have already said like two bad things accedetntally... whoops. People try and help you tho so thats nice! oh and people here LOVE to learn english. So that has been fun. 

If you have any questions ask away! I would love to hear from yall!

Sorry for the long emasil with a lot og mistakes! I hope yall can read it.

Con Amor
Hermana Freeze


Okay totally forgot this crazy story.

Day two with my trainer. we work till 9 PM at night. It gets dark but we still walk like miles contact on our way hme. So we got to hour apt the second night and my companion was turning the key (Btw every house has a gate in costa Rica like you have a gate and a front door) Oh actually we have 2 gates and then our front door. Lots of safty. Anyways, we were trying to get into my apt but the key just kept turning... and then the whole lock came out... and the door was still locked. So simple we call the mission president. well my companion dropped our phone and it broke open. Great. It broke open and when you put it back together it asked for a password. well the password was inside the apt we were locked out of... so I wass like who is closes to us.. The other elders to our ward lived like a mile and a half away so like at 9:30 we had to run to their house and borrow their phone. It was way scary. But the president just had them come back and help us with the door. So they couldnt fix it instead this one elder ripped the door open and completly broke the lock off... IT was so crazy and funny. so for like 4 days we didnt have a lock on our door! AHh it was crazy how scary it was to be running all over the place locked out. but good news is we got to bed on time! 


"I am Leaving!!"

So I'm finally leaving the MTC I leave tomorrow at 3:35 AM! I don't
get a lot of time because we only get a little bit of time to send
some last messages because my next P-Day will be a week from tomorrow!
I'm doing great! I had a couple hard days but my week has also been
filled with tender mercies from the lord! Including lots of Christmas
spirit! So I can't write much but here is lots of pictures and I'll
send you a link to the best Christmas video about the coming of
Christ!  It's got lots a cute kids in it mom so you will love it!