Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 4

First let me start off by saying that I had the best day in the world
yesterday. Went to dinner and there was chick-fil-a on the menu. And
like 2 days earlier we had this chicken sandwich like we have every
week in the MTC, and Hermana Jess was like oh man I could kill for
some chick-fil-a. Gonna be honest I went and prayed for some better
food or just help to eat it cause they serve the same thing every
week. And what shows up... Two chicken sandwiches with waffle fries.
God will answer your prayers. Gonna be honest we all stole the
chick-fil-a sauce and so next time they have the nasty chicken it's
gonna be like having Chick-fil-a all over again. Im so excited. Oh
then I got a package from my family filled with chips and salsa.
Basically the best day of my life.

Side note. There's like some problem with our mission, they like
aren't ready to receive us yet so I think all 5 of us going to costa
Rica east are staying back and extra week while everyone leaves. And
since we are in some weird change with districts we get no knew
missionaries and since it's thanksgiving and we weren't suppose to be
here all our teachers are off. So I will most likely be here till
November 30th just chilled with 4 other missionaries. Weird. They said
it could change back to the 23 and we will know for sure on Friday
because Friday is when everyone else is getting their travel plans. So
if I get plans on Friday I leave if not I stay. But hey if I stay they
say holland comes on thanks giving so like that could be pretty cool.

Last Thursday we has my favorite class yet. Hermano Mace had us read
in Alma 24 about the people who made a covenant with the lord to put
down there weapons of war for peace. We related this to us and asked
us what are our "swords". The swords are things that you do to your
self that keep you from becoming a Christlike missionary. So we write
these things on a piece of paper and then (like the people) we buried
them in the ground to never do them again. It was a supper powerful
lesson. We all have things that we do to ourselves that keep us from
following Christ. I hope all of you will choose to put those things in
the ground and never do them again. Just like the people in Alma 24.
Also on this day I pulled out a quote from Ashley and it said "little
by little one travels far." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien basically was the
reminder I needed. I feel like I know nothing and have barely learned
Spanish but if I look from where I came from I have come so far it's
the past couple weeks. If you ever feel like your not progressing just
look back and see where you've come then try harder.

Service time again and we were given the same job. This time I told
Hermana Soe straight up how I was feeling and why and what bothered
me. She was nice about it and we were able to get through service
peacefully and without a bad attitude. What a difference it makes if
you can just be honest with people. It will seriously surprise you how
good it can be.

Sunday was the best as always. I gave the opening prayer in Spanish
and since district A was leaving we had two musical numbers the temple
walk after church was beautiful! We too lots of group photos because
they were leaving. We went to see a talk by Elder Holland last night
that was so good. I learned so much about the importance of opening
your mouth and not being afraid to speak about the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Seriously so good. Then we all stood outside and listened to
the departing district say there good byes. Everyone was crying it was
so sad. It's crazy how close you can get to people in such a short
amount of time. We get to know people here on a spiritual level and
your friendship is forever changed. We are down to 13 now for two
weeks. Then we will be down to 5 and then we will all leave.

Worse thing of the week: I got a flan in the mail and they threw it
away. So all I got was an empty Cereal box. :( (don't worry they
didn't throw away the cards) it still sucked. How rude.

 Fun fact of the week: I drink Sprite at every single meal... I'm
convinced it's the only reason I can focus and stay awake for all the
hours of the day while everyone else falls asleep.

 All is well here. Besides that it's getting colder and I'm still
here. I love all of you! Thank you to everyone for the letters and
packages. I got a letter from my cousins this week and they wrote
Hermana Soe as well. It was the highlight of our day.

Ps Shara: we loved the picture of Florida. At first we thought she
wrote the wrong person because Hermana Jess is going to serve in
Florida. It was really funny. And I loved the encourage meant from
them to keep working hard on my Spanish they are so darling!

I love you all! Thanks for the support!
Hermana Freeze

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