Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 5: You win some, you lose some.

I need to apologize for being the worst friend ever due to being forgetful and crazy busy. Sorry to those of you who keep up with Jordan's mission through this blog; I'm gonna try to be better at keeping all of her emails up to date. Get ready for an overload from one of the greatest girls ever.

This week started off so rough.

For some reason it was super hard to study. But we have tests and
quizzes we take each week you are at the since we weren't being
productive in studying we decided to do our weekly assessment for week
5. Part of the week stuff was a grammar assessment. I learned after
the fact that this is a new thing in the language part of the MTC. So
I took this test and got a 14%. A FOURTEEN PERCENT. it was the biggest
slap in the face I have ever gotten. After that I had no confidence
what so ever. We went to lunch and I was on the verge of crying the
whole time. Good thing is I have the best district ever. I ended up
getting this NASTY pasta fish salad (I had no idea it was fish) from
the cafeteria. One of the elders was like what can I do to make you
happy? So I made him eat this nasty salad. If was halarious. Then we
made like 3 other elders eat this nasty salad. Every single one spit
it out and had the funniest look on their face. So like yes I felt
better watching everyone else suffer. It's bad I know but my district
totally made me feel better and after praying I felt very comforted.
Second part of the day was amazing. We skyped a member and taught them
a lesson in Spanish. His name was Kenny and he was from COSTA RICA!!
Seriously so fun. Everyone else had a Spanish speaker that talked like
sooooo fast with no English and Kenny from Costa Rica was totally
chill. He talks slow and through in some English here and there, it
was awesome we were having to much fun talking to him that we almost
forgot the lesson! It was good experience tho because he understood
everything I was saying. Take that stupid grammar test.

When I first got to the MTC I loves study time and dreaded language
study cause I never new what to do but now all I want to do is study
language and I have like no motivation to study. It's so hard to find
a balance, but it's something I need really bad. Today I listened to a
conference talk called its never to early and never to late. It was
about how we need to teach our children when they are ready to learn
not when we are ready to teach.  In the end he testified of the savor.
"I know I can’t turn back time, but this I now know--that it’s never
too early and it’s never too late to lead, guide, and walk beside our
children, because families are forever.It is my witness that our
Heavenly Father loved us so much that He sent His Only Begotten Son to
live the life of a mortal so that Jesus could say to us, “I’ve been
where you are, I know what comes next, and I’ll help you through it.”
I know He will"
I also know that when we are ready Christ has been through it all and
he is ready to teach us but only when we are ready to learn. If you
have time this week you can listen to this beautiful talk! Then we
taught Jose again and he writes poems. We asked him to share a poem
with us. He shared the most beautiful story about a mother saving her
child through her faith in Christ. Her child was saved but she ended
up dying. It was all in Spanish and it was the most beautiful thing I
have ever heard. I like cried the whole time. It is absolutely amazing
the miracles that come through faith.

I don't even want to talk about this day. I'm am so grateful for my
companion. Because of some things we had to be a trio with another
girl in our district. And man oh man was that hard. It took all the
patience I had. But after she wasn't in our trio anymore we found a
way to serve her because she was obviously not having a good time and
taking it out on us. I felt much better when my mind switched into
service mode and not just being upset. So if you hate someone right
now to serve them. Remember the church is one big hospital and we are
all sick in our own way!

So this morning we found out about the bombing in France. We have a
sister serving in France who has family that lives there and we have
an elder whose family was in France on vacation right now. The news
hit both of them so hard. After our teacher left to find out what he
could do we all decided to kneel and say a prayer. Immediately after
there was comfort. But we sat on the ground and sung hymns in English
the Spanish then French. The sprit was all around us and it was
amazing to see the strength it gave. Turns out the to missionaries
could go call their family. The coolest thing was as Elder Arndt went
to go call his parents and before he did he turned to Hermano mace and
said I don't need to call I know they are safe. The Holy Ghost told
him they were safe before he even touched the phone. He still got to
call and all was good. It was seriously a big testimony of the truth
and comfort the Holy Ghost can give you.

The best day! Our topic all day was obedience! We had a wonderful
discussion and a wonderful sacrament with all 12 of us. Then me and
Hermana Soe taught relief society which is only six of us. It's been
so good to be so small. Our zone is so close I love it.  Then the best
part of Sunday is the Sunday walk! Except out branch president went
with us this time and he was treating us like we were five. Like I'm
just walking around the temple... We walk take some pictures talk and
come back it's really nothing hard. This Sunday the puppy was back. So
again best day ever. I also got to take a picture with the "frenches"
(a district going French speaking that we play with at gym time) they
are so funny! So you'll get that today. Then we had a devo by the
media head for the MTC. We got to watch the new Christmas video the
church will put out this year about the birth of Jesus. It's so good.
I was like so happy because the whole Devo was about Christmas and the
savior. So good. Then for our video we watched the testaments. It is a
video about the ministry of the savior and his reservation and him
visiting the people in the Americas. I loved it. It was like an actual
movie. And yes I cried so hard at the end. It was seriously an amazing

Today was the first day that it hit me hard. I haven't let myself be
sad or miss my family because I know I am where I need to be. But
today everyone was stressed because they all leave in a week. (I don't
because Costa Rica East got pushed back one more week) so some mean
things were said and I just broke down. I missed me family and my
friends and college and my dog and my grandma. It was really hard. I
let it out for like 20 min and then that was it. I gave myself 20 min
of sadness and then I said some prayers and the rest of the day was so
good. The MTC is an amazing place. Then at night we had a Vball game.
We did Spanish verse French. And we killed. They frenches can talk
some smack but Spanish can get the job done. It was way fun. I also
think I'm getting stronger. There is an elder in my district who use
to wrestle and he is way strong. He does push ups during gym time. I
told him for every 25 push-ups he does I'll do 2. And when me and
Hermana Soe break our goal the punishment is push-ups. So man I am
getting some nice biceps. Like way nice!

Tomorrow we get new missionaries in our zone! Which is so exciting! We
get 3 sisters and 4? Elders... I don't know. But I'm pumped. We get to
like show them around and be like their support system as they try to
make it through the first week. Cause honestly that week is soooo
rough. But I'm excited. We get some fresh blood to talk to at meals
haha. So I'll let you know how it goes next week! Oh and also next
Tuesday is my last Pday in the MTC! Ahh crazy!

I hope everyone is having s great week. Thank you for all the letters
and prayers. I will be here till the 30th now so wish me luck. I'm so
grateful for all the support I have gotten. Also thank you to everyone
who has sent something to Hermana Soe. She appreciates it so much and
it's really helped her feel like she has a family and is at home. So
thanks again I could not have asked for a better family and friends! I
love and miss you guys!

Fun fact of the week:
For Sunday lunch they serve byu creamery ice cream. Every Sunday I
have 3 bowls. Yes that's right three full bowls of ice cream because I
have a problem. Sometimes I make people in my district go get me bowls
so I don't look too fat. But hey it's good stuff.

Love you guys!
Hermana Freeze

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