Sunday, September 18, 2016

An even faster week!

First Ill start with Pday! There was a little misscomunication with the zone activity and after lots of contention we ended up going to a Valcano!! And I was pumped! Im usually golden with anything. You only serve once ya know. So we get to this Valcano and its like covered in a cloud. And it starts to get cold. but not just cold it starts to rain or snow or who knows what but it was the most miserable moment of my life haha. But it ended up being funny because we Bonded as a zone running around in this crazy cold mist at the top of a valcano! It was crazy. But this crazy mist was how I imagine it was in the Vision of Lehi. And the Elders just start running off in this mist and you cant even see 200 feet in front of you. It was crazy. Honestly thought someone was gonna die haha we couldnt even find our comps half the time haha! oh my gosh what a morning. 

Then we went to like some old Hospital that they sent all of the sick people of central america here to like get cured but like these were the people that like werent curable so they were like torchured and tried for cure and there was a isilem and ahh I cant even tell you how creepy I felt in parts. Ewwww but after I got over my fear it got kinda fun. we tried to take like super creepy pictures. ANd it was a crazy large property.  So it got fun. Also the Elders scared me so bad. So I guess its my fault for being scared haha but in the end I had fun and it was light out side so all was good. but the worker said that like weird things come out at night and that he refuses to be here. So thats terrifing. but it did take some cool pics this like super old hospital thing. 

After that we headed for Lunch and then for the bus to Perez but like we decided to stop by this mall first. and OH MY GOSH. its like a 3 storie giant circle! The WHOLE MALL IS HUGEEEEE. It was supper over whelming. but like its the small things in life. It was like the colosseum. thats how big this thing was!! And I have no regrets. There was a Pen wall in one store and there is no shame. All a missionary wants is pens and stuff. it was heaven. Then I bought a Cinabon. cause like that doesnt exsist here. It was the small little joy of my day. Seriously so happy.

Then we went  to perez and the first bus that passes stopped and it was all a giant miracle. Seriously a great Pday. I had a row of seats to my self. And wow I cant even explain how fun it was. And I got to see all my friends. Good P day. 

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