Sunday, September 18, 2016

No changes for me!

This week was really amazing! We hade 4 days of members that came out teaching with us! And I cant even tell you the difference it makes! Members are key in the work of the lord! Having those strong testimonies with us all week was incredible! Also Daladier! Our recent Convert even went out with us. hes kinda shy but man he did SO good teaching! And It was so good to see him serve others and the happiness that he had to go out talking about the scriptures was just incredible! And he left that that day saying 2 years of this... I think I can do it! SO WE need to all pray for him to have the support and faith to serve a mission! He wil do great! Im so proud of hiM! And Luis, our other convert had an interview with the stake prez this week and they made a 1 1/2 year plan so that he can make it out on a mission too! And before he was like no. I aint going. I cant give up my phone for 2 years. No I cant do it! But Now hes excited to go! and the good news is If he goes he will cange the life of his family. The suffer alot and he can be the saving grace if he can grow in the gospel. He will change generations. So a good week of miracles! Ive really learned the Missioanry work is a lie. cause it should be called member work. Because we are only here to help. THe work is in your hands! Missionaries can only do so much but if we really want to help bring salvation to the world we need to grow up! We need to live the Gospel fully! And stop being scared to open our mouths about this beautiful treasure we have! Its for all. We cant judge who will be ready to recive it! We must only be the channel by which the holy ghost can touch the hearts of others. But we can only do this if we are living correctly. 

also heres a giant wood aligator. It made me smile. 

Scripture of the week!

13 Wherefore, call upon the weak things of the world,those who are unlearned and despised, to thresh thenations by the power of my Spirit;
 14 And their arm shall be my arm, and will be theirshield and their buckler; and will gird up their loins, andthey shall fight manfully for me; and their enemies shall beunder their feet; and will let fall the sword in their behalf,and by the fire of mine indignation will preserve them
We can be his Arm. He will preserve us. We may be weak but we are not alone! I hope everyone has a great week! 

Well another fun thing this week is it starts the National Party of Costarica! Sept 15 is there Independence day... but they start early! WE had a nice suprise when we went to our english classes! There was a parade outside! And so we had a nice break to watch it! These clown things came up and touched me too... it was crazy... and those carts are like the most typical thing in Costarica! There so beautifuL!

Well we had a Baptism! This is Erick! He was the best Investigator weve had! Hehas such a strong testimony and he was so ready for this day! It was like 3 weeks coming becuase he has a blood problem and was in and out of the hospital! SATAN! didnt want him to get baptised! But finally it all came together and he was so happy! We also had the most support at a baptism we have ever had! So slowly we are gaining the support of the members! Milagros! ARE HAPPENING here in Perez! We had a country wide fast for the work of salvation in this country! And I think its working! This week has been incredible! And Prez always says that we need the help of angles! Well... I think were getting it! 

We said good bye to Elder Palencia this week! Who is actually going to be in the same area as Hermana Soe!! so thats exciting! And all he wanted to do his last day... steal the flag in the church and take pictures! So we did! haha it was fun! Also we went outside after saccrament meeting and sang for the flag... but like i felt weird... cause I didnt know it... and im from texas haha it was funny! and really long! But felt good!! Also they dont have the thing here where if the flag touches the ground you have to burn it.. so they like dragged it all aroung... It hurt my heart to watch.

but it was a good weekend saying good bye to Elder Palencia. My brother from El Salvador. he was very good to Me. Watched over us like a dad. Gonna miss him!

More pictures from the week! We had another birthday party! And it turned out really good!  Cake and a Piñata! It rained of course so we had to get creative! But hey that the mission life!

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