Sunday, September 18, 2016

Was it even a week?

This week went so fast. I cant even tell you. And in like 1 week im 1 months away from one year in the mission. Woah. Time needs to just slow down. This week on monday there was a death in a family. So we spent All day monday with them and Gramps.( The rules of burrial are weird here so like he had to sit in a coffin in their house till he was to be burried and like their traditions mean that someone always has to be awake and the body just sits in there living room.) It was interesting and i didnt really enjoy it. But we went around serving and helping those who mourned.

Tuesday we woke up early to get on the buss for the Funeral. It was sad. Lots of tears. We ended up doing lots as the only ward members there. So we sang and directed and prayed. But it was a good service and then we watched as he was layed to rest. (side note: one of the guys like so much how the funeral was directed that he is now gonna take our lessions because he wants his funeral service to be like that. crazy right) After that our Super Awesome Investagator Erick, who like dropped off the planet last week called us back. All is well and his baptism should be the 1st or second week of sept! yay MIRACLES are real! also to finish the night we went to pick up our clothes from a members house and like she wasnt there.... but her daughter was painting. so we spent the whole hour or 2 painting and waiting. WHAT A STRESS reliever! Good night!

We did absolutly NOTHING! We got all ready to leave the house and President called! They are in Perez Zeledon and we have interviews and then they took us out to eat! It was so fun and just what I needed! I was so Happy to see him! He is doing well with his health and he is so proud of us down here! And his daughter was there! LIZZY! and she is like the best friend I never had! WE got to talk and talk and talk and then we went to my Favorite little cafe and enjoyed the BEST meal ive had in CR and then Prez drove us back to San Jose in his car so we didnt have to take the aweful bus! It was such a good day!

We had to go to immigration for my Comp and we were there FOR EVER! but I got to see Elder Gibby and Elder Winders from the MTC and we just got to Talk and Talk and TalK! (when your so far from everyone like me its days like these that keep you going in the mission) Anyways that was fun with lots of time to kill I colored and caught up on my journal. It was a real good time. Then we went to San Jose to take the Bus back. Got there at 4 they sold us a ticket for 5:30 and there was a problem on the road. so we were stuck in a full buss at night in a little road in the mountains for 2 HOURS without moving. and well I guess I got some weird virtigo or somthing. All I know is I was SO FLIPPING SICK and I was in a bus full of people trapped in the mountains. WOrse experience of my mission. 

Ate the best Pupusas in my life. But still felt like crap from the trip.

Rained For days. Ive never been more wet. Also we had a great lesson with Seidy are new family. Stay tuned for more on them. They are awesome! and So prepared! We finally had a great lesson with her kids which was nice. and to finish we went to pray and her drunk lesbian neighbor showed up and started praying and yelling. it was interesting. but like I prayer Gringa and said I didnt understand... and my comp told me after that ¨she didnt even understand here spanish. haha it was funny. 

We got to go check up on our convert Daladier and he is doing so good! He was all excited because he is a priest and got the priestood and hes preping for a mission! and ahh I cant even tell you how amazing it is to see someone progress and really gain that happiness that comes from living the gospel! Ahh Great day and I just fell blessed to watch him learn so fast! 

So theres my week haha Pretty average. It went way fast thats for sure! 
heres what I was thinking alot about this week. I think ive shared it before but its so good. Romanos 8

38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Basically I hope everyone can really focus and understand the love that God has for us. And that we should make decisions for ourselves remmebering this love and the value that we have as sons and daughters of a king. I love you all and I hope you have a great week sharing this love with others! 

Hermana Freeze 

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