Friday, January 8, 2016

"Hola from Costa Rica!"

First off this is a spanish Keyboard so it is going to be a rough email.

Anyways All is well. I dont even know where to start. The day we came to costarica was fun. my district from the MTC and one other took a bus, the train, the trax, and 2 flights to get to Costa Rica. All went well. I sat next to these 2 guys on the first flight and talked to them for 4 hours about their life a jesus and my mission it was way fun. The one of them bought me a snadwich. It was so nice, and the best food I had had in weeks. We made it here safe and the Mission President picked us up. The we went to the temple and then McDonalds lol. It was actually really fun. Then we woke up the second day and you go with some random copanionship and go to work. So I know no spanish and day one you are out there Preaching away. Its been so Good tho. Hermana Soe taught them how to play some island game and we play games alot so all the missioanries love our group! Good times. I got my "Mom" she is so short and cute. She is from Guatamala. Her name is Hermana Montepeque. And she doesnt speak english. Its cool tho cause she is so nice and pacient. She is also learning English as I learn Spanish so thats fun. Even though we dont comuniccate perfectly she is so nice and loving and we laugh at everything. Oh and Christian She LOVES Anima lol. Oh man BTW this country is filled with Cats and Dogs and Christmas. I love it. Everyone is so Nice and I get to pet like 20 dogs a day. Fun thing Is I actually names some puppies yesterday so yeah I love this place.

Okay other things. We have a Member named Nacy who cooks us lunch every day. She is an amazing cook. Every thing she gives me is delicious except a weird beet potato salad. It was straight up nasty.But I ate it all. Oh we also have rice and beans for every meal... Like im talking at least rice for EVERY MEAL. But its cool cause its actually pretty good. They have 3 tradictional rice and bean dishes here and they are all rice and beans but they have like 3 diffrent names its crazy. People dont have much but we are in the City so its less poor. we were in an investagators house she gave is tuna and crackers and oreos and warm milk once for dinner. It was supper humbling and nice. And suprisingl Oreos in warm milk is pretty great.

Other fun things
My area is Jardin. which is garden in spanish. you dont knock here you just walk up and say OO-PAY (thats not how it is spelled but it is what it soundslike). thats fun. Oh man people are so lazy when they speak here that when normally you would say Buenas Dias, people just say Buenas for everything. Its kinda fun and super easy. I dont under stand alot but it gets better every day. Its hard because we teach lessons anywhere and everywhere not just like in homes and there is so many distractopns and it is hard to understand what people are saying unless I am Completly focused here.

Oh are apartment is actually quite nice. I love it. Its not cramped and the shower isnt cold (but it isnt Hot either) I do get like a new bug bite everyday. I think there is a mesquito living in my bed with me... The weather is also super nice because its hot and your sticky but there is a super nice breeze all the time and when it rains it cools it down alson. Oh man all is wonderful. 

Dont get me wrong my feet hurt like crazy and I sweat a ton and eaten some weird food and I barely speak spanish so some hours I have no idea what is going on but. IT is wonderful. There is no place I would rather be then teaching about Jesus! 

Today was super fun! We played soccer and basket ball and went to lazer tag and had quiznos! Best P-day Every! Well I don t know what more to say except for It sucks to learn a language. I have already said like two bad things accedetntally... whoops. People try and help you tho so thats nice! oh and people here LOVE to learn english. So that has been fun. 

If you have any questions ask away! I would love to hear from yall!

Sorry for the long emasil with a lot og mistakes! I hope yall can read it.

Con Amor
Hermana Freeze


Okay totally forgot this crazy story.

Day two with my trainer. we work till 9 PM at night. It gets dark but we still walk like miles contact on our way hme. So we got to hour apt the second night and my companion was turning the key (Btw every house has a gate in costa Rica like you have a gate and a front door) Oh actually we have 2 gates and then our front door. Lots of safty. Anyways, we were trying to get into my apt but the key just kept turning... and then the whole lock came out... and the door was still locked. So simple we call the mission president. well my companion dropped our phone and it broke open. Great. It broke open and when you put it back together it asked for a password. well the password was inside the apt we were locked out of... so I wass like who is closes to us.. The other elders to our ward lived like a mile and a half away so like at 9:30 we had to run to their house and borrow their phone. It was way scary. But the president just had them come back and help us with the door. So they couldnt fix it instead this one elder ripped the door open and completly broke the lock off... IT was so crazy and funny. so for like 4 days we didnt have a lock on our door! AHh it was crazy how scary it was to be running all over the place locked out. but good news is we got to bed on time! 


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