Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 6: Still in the MTC

Brace yourself for another long email.... Sorry not sorry

Wow this week was the best and the worst. I have already had to say
goodbye to 5 missionaries from my district and the last one leaves at
4 today. And I had to say goodbye to the French district that I love.
But we have had some amazing classes and I'm learning a ton and we had
Chick-fil-a... Crazy week. It is also my last P-day in the MTC so
there is so much to do!

The week started with us getting a new district on Wednesday! We were
so excited that I forgot how hard it was to be here the first week.
Since Hermana Soe is Sister training leader we had to give them a tour
and get to know them. We had 3 Hermana's and 6 elders. All but one are
going to Argentina. We were so excited for the new Hermana's but they
weren't so excited for us. The Elders are all super great and awesome
but the Hermana's need a little more help. We have 2 with panic
attacks anxiety and depression. And one ended up going home. So we are
down to two more and they are having a hard time. At the end of every
day one of them says she wants to go home. Everyday. We have tried so
hard to help her see that you choose to be here and if your gonna
choose to be here you might as well have a good attitude and try to
learn from all the amazing teachers we get the privilege to learn
from. It's really hard to help someone who doesn't want help so please
pray for her heart to be softened to the promtings the spirt. Me and
Hermana Soe have one more week to try and help her realized the the
MTC is the best place you could be but only if you are humble. I feel
like the gospel of Jesus Christ is a lot like that as well. Our
Heavenly Father is waiting every day to teach you and to love you and
to help you, but we must be humble on our own first and only then can
the lord shape us into who we need to become. Good news is I know the
power of praying for love everyday. I have witnessed it change lives
here at the MTC so this whole week I will be praying to have the pure
love of Christ and do my best to help her see how amazing it is to
serve the lord.

Best part of Wednesday was that I had SO MANY FRIENDS COME TO THE MTC
TODAY!!! I got to see Jackson Zamora ( from home), Anally (from home),
Jake Taylor (from byu summer term), and Tanner Taguchi (from aspen
grove)! It was like one big surprise during dinner! I loved it!

This is where things get kinds weird. We went to infield orientation
all day today even though we don't leave till next week. It was
amazing but kinda sucked because it got me excited to leave the MTC
and then I remembered that I still had 2 weeks left... Tear.... We
went this week so we could go together as a district so next week we
I'll just skip it and study some more? Or go again? I have no idea.
But It was fun because we got to be partnered up with random
missionaries that weren't in our district and 2 of them were the
frenches ( the French district that I am in love with because they are
all so nice and we play volley ball with them every night at gym!)
basically France better watch out because they have the best
missionaries coming that way. And I found out that 3 are going to BYU
and one to Utah state so I've basically made some life time friends.
All of them even wrote in my journal like the sweetest sincere notes.
So I'm glad I went cause I have some amazing close friends now!

Hard day that ended well. This is the day that I spent all morning
taking one of the new Hermana's to a ton of doctors and she ended up
deciding to go home. But my day ended good because we spent the last 3
hours of the day going one person at a time and talking about why we
love each person in our district. On my gosh it was so powerful. I'm
so thankful for all the people that are in my life. I was blessed with
the best district in the world and I have loved every single person.
Without them I don't think I would have made it here. Your district in
the MTC is your family. They are all you have and if you support each
other then you can get through anything cause you have Jesus and the
best people in the MTC on your side.

Hermana Cluff left at like 5am in the morning. It was weird not having
her around. She is the first one to leave from our district (Mexico is
her mission). So the sleep has slowly decreased starting with this
day. Best part of the day is I got my travel plans! I AM ACTUALLY
LEAVING SOON!! I leave the MTC at 3:35am Monday morning. I fly from
SLC to Atlanta to Costa Rica! I get to Costa Rica at 2pm and my travel
group is my whole district plus one guys so I'm excited because we are
gonna have so much fun on a plan trying to speak Spanish to everyone!
I can't wait.

Church was amazing as always! I taught relief society again! I loved
it. All the Hermana's were sharing their experiences. It was a super
good Sunday. Except today we got told by the branch presidency wife
that we can no longer high five or fist bump. Probably the saddest
moment of the day. Shaking someone's hand good job is just not the
same. But it's not very professional which I understand. So I have
turned away from the life of high five-ing. Probably one of the
hardest things to do this week. But we had the best temple walk ever!
I got to take a picture with my frenches and I gave them each hand
written thank you notes! (One of them told me my notes were to nice
and sincere and I need to work on being mean haha) but it felt good to
tall them thank you for making the MTC so fun! We took lots of good
bye photos. After the devotional and the movie when I had to shake all
the frenches food bye it hit me hard. I cried like they whole night.
It's so hard to say good bye to people you love. It finally hit me
Sunday night that everyone was leaving and I will still be here. But I
know they are all ready and I know that God has a plan for everyone so
I and putting my trust in him. Maybe there is something I still need
to learn here. I don't know but I willing to learn. We said our
goodbyes to everyone.

What a good day. We dropped off Hermana Van Loon at 2:30am and one of
the frenches was there so I was able to make sure he will watch out
for Hermana Van Loon on there travels. So that was a blessing. Then I
finally gave up and went to the doctor. I have been sick for like 3
weeks like I don't think I been at the MTC without s cold. So I
finally went to the doctor and demanded a Z-pack. And I got it so I am
on the road to getting well! No more blowing my nose!!! Yay! Another
fun part of the morning is I got to sew up a skirt for my companion
and I fixed my blanket! Thank you grandma and granny! Everyone is so
impressed with my sewing skills. I fixed her skirt and she tried it on
and she was like I can't even find where it was ripped?? You are so
awesome. So I felt pretty good. Then since our schedule is so weird we
got to plan our day and we picked singing and Spanish games! We played
telestrations using Spanish and different conjugations which was so
hard but soooo funny!! The we spent 45 min singing. It's such a nice
break to just stop learning and sing even if it is in Spanish! So that
was my favorite class ever and it is the last class we will have with
Hermano mace. So sad. Man has change my life. Then the last class of
the day we played this game called kill the turtle. For those who
don't know how to play you have 2 teams. Both draw a turtle however
they want. Then you ask questions and which ever team gets it right
you get to erase something off the other teams turtle. And let me tell
you when it comes to turtles my district gets crazy. We got so heated
and competitive but I found it hilarious.  You'll like erase a foot
and the other team was so mad. No idea who came up with that game. But
it was sure a good time.

So we had a supper good class and then that night was the first gym
time without the French district. I miss them all so much. But we did
play knock out with the new elders in our zone and I guess they are
kinda cool to. It ended up being way fun. So only one more week and
I'm off for real!

Fun fact of the week: From the cafeteria to our class there is two
routes to get there! But one goes by the mountains. So every day about
6 times a day without fail we take the mountain route and comment on
how beautiful the mountains are in Spanish. It's one of my favorite
parts of the day!
"Ah Las montañas están muy bonita" I'm telling you it happens every day.

Thank you to everyone who wrote me letters or sent me and my companion
anything! Your support and prayers are felt and I'm so grateful for
that! I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. I am grateful for
a Heavenly Father who love us and knows us all so personally. I am
grateful that he hears and answers every prayer we have. It might not
be what you wanted but it will be what you need. I am grateful that I
can be with my family forever through the restored gospel of Jesus
Christ. I am grateful for my savior who has felt all my pains and can
strengthen me through and trial or any negative thought. I am thankful
for my opportunity to serve the lord and serve his children in Costa
Rica. We are all so blessed and loved in our own way! I'm not sure if
I get to write next Tuesday or Wednesday or if I have to wait another
week but I am excited to get out and learn so much more!

I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving
Con amor
Hermana Freeze

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