Friday, January 8, 2016

"Another week come and gone"

This week was super good. Let me apologize in advance for my terrible spelling this week. My keyboard is in spanish and the lertters are rubbed off so its like imposible to type. And you have like no time to go back and correct everything! 

This week I felt super comfortable with my spanish. I still dont say much and sometimes its hard to know whats going on but I have been able to get through. I talked and taught alot this week and I am able to say what I want only missing a few words. Its been a supper good week. I also felt Like I understood the most this week then any other. Super good.

This week was lits of weird stuff. I went on my first divisions the STL. Which basically means you switch companions for the day. It was hard at first cause your in like a different place and a different person who you dont know and they dont know you and she speaks only spanish and she doesnt know how much spanish I know so it was honestly terrifying. Also because their apartment is never clean and filled with spiders. (We clean our apartment every week and it is SOOO Clean). Anyways it turned out okay and I really learned alot for it but the funny thing is how usufull I am to other people just because I know english. I corrected all their spanish to english workbooks and I even wrote out a song in english because Im the only girl that speaks english so this is the only time she could get help. its kinda super funny to me.  But the day was good. I taught how Jesus Christ Astablished his gospel in the old days like 5 times so basically If you want to know that in spanish I can teach you no problem. So good day after I got over my fear of leaving my companion, except I did come back with like 5 spider bites... yay 

Other funny thing. My companion woke me up at 1 in the morning saying turn on the light turn on the light. So I did and she said listen... Im like in a daze and didnt hear anything untill sudentlly I heard it. There was an animal running around in our celing. IT WAS TERRIFYINGGGG We took a shoe and threw it at the ceiling. It woiuld stop and then go again and man it was LOUD. It was soo creepy because it never stoped and we thought it was just going to jump through the wall while we were sleeping... eww. absolutly crazy.

The crazy thing about being here is I feel super comfortable even tho I dont speak that much spanish. Like The weird thing is I keep forgeting that everyone speals pnly spanish. Every time I see or talk to a person I expect them to speak english. It honestly talkes me a secound to realize that they arent spealing englshg anf I have no Idea what is going on. Crazy.  But the crazy thing is how good the food is here. My new favorite food is this salad thing. They take an un ripe mango and the chop it up really thin into the shape of french friends and they put salt and lime and chile on it and you eat it. It has the consistancy of an apple and it is super spicy and absoliutly delicuiouis. Its my treat evevery monday I get a mango salad!Q Yummmm

But the best part of this week is We had our Christmas Fiesta!!! It was sooo fun. The whole mission got together and we had dinner and sung songs and opened gifts. It was sooo fun! I got to see my district from the MTC and it was the best moment ofd my life. Even better to find out that they are just as lost as me! funny thing is my area is the closet to the office and we were an hour and a half late.... whoops.My MTC district thouight I went home to texas... Ha ha ha funny cause we had bets to see who would go home first. It was so good to see all my friends and just have a good time listning to pewople sing! Hermna Soe gave me a present and the mission presedency made gifts and stackings for everyone! seriosuly the biggest blessing to get to seen everyone and Celiebrate the reason we are here to preach about our savior Jesus Christ. Ah So Wonderfull. 

We have a baptism this week as well and Im so excited. Her name is cecilia and she is this sweet old lady that wants to follow the savior Jesus Chrisrt.

There has also been so many miracles this week. I can tell you right now that God hears your prayerts and her loves you and anwsers everyone one. It might not be what you want but it will alweays be what you bçneed, 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind words of support. I wish I could express my grattitufde!
Con Mucho Amor 

Hermana Freeze 

No photos this week unfortunately... :( 

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