Friday, January 8, 2016

"A week that I will never forget"

I dont even know where to start this week has been absolutly crazy. First of let me say that I love being a missionary I get to study the scriptures for 3 hours everyday and go meet random people every day and tell them how much Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has blessed my life. If you feel like your not reciving blessings in your life from God I encourage you to look at the things your lacking in obedience to Gods commandments. Is it Remembering to read your scriptures, are you praying every day, are you attending your church meetings on sundays. I can testify that it is the small acts of obedience that can bring great miracles in your life. If your not sure what your next step is pray about it. Prayer is our communication with our father in heaven and is key in our understanding of Gospel Principles!

Anyways my week.

So first we will start off with christmas. Christmas here is celebrated on the 24 they party all night long and the the 25 isnt like a big thing. So we were invited to someones house who isnt a member of our church and we were invited to hang out with the elders and meimbers of our church as well. So we had said yes to both, one at 6 and one at 8. the first one we showed up and she hadnt even started dinner so she put the chicken in the oven and it took 2 HOURS TOO COOK. so of course we had to wait. but while we waited I watched the end of ant man in spanish and her husban painted our nails. Then we ate some delicious food and didnt leave till like 8:50... Ahhh we ran to the other house and they werent even finished cooking either so we had to wait till they finished and then we ate more delicous food and lastly we bobbed for apples. Weird but it was funn. so I knelt down on a dirt flour in a dress and stuck my head in a pale of water for some apples. but was totally worth it because it was a good apple. And the BbQ there was SOOOO good. just like home yummm.

Christmas was just lots of hard work and no body was in the streets so we didnt get to contact anyone. but it was still fun we got to see our favorite family and we also made this fried dough thing. Its flour and water and you role it our really thin frie it in oil like a giant cracker put honey all over it and eat it. Suprisingly pretty good and cheap to feed this family of 10! So good day all in all.

Oh we were also walking around in a new area and we found this family that my companion taught a little and then after they gave us some Coke (people love Coke here) And she was talking to me in english and how much she loves it and I got to Teach the entire restoration in English. super twanies. I felt like I could finally express myself for once. So super good day.

The sunday Came and we had a baptism of our investagator Cecilia. She is super sweet like a friendy grandmother that loves fake nails. Well in the morning at 6 am we walked to fill up the font because her baptism was at 8 that morning. On the way we got robbed. We atempted robbery. Basically he only tried to rob me and all I had were white pants for the baptism choclate and my mission manual. He kept trying to take my bag and I kept saying i dont have any money you can search my bag I need these pants! and when he finally listned to what I was saying he looked and picked up the chocolate, threw it back in my bag and left. So i dont really know what it was. Good news is he didnt touch my companion and she had our phone and keys and money! Ahhh close call.

Then we had a wonderful baptism. oh but just before the baptism the bishop asked us to speak in saccrament meeting. So I had 20 min to prepare a 8 min talk about preparing for a mission in alanguage I barely know.... yay. And of course I had to speak first. Good news is I did it and thats done with. Then we also had a lady yell at our church door and ask us for money for her dead grandchild... weird. and then the bishop told her we would come to our hopuse and help her and share a message about Jesus. Me and my companion didnt have a good feeling about it so we walked by and couldnt find her house so we just went on with our day. Personally I didnt want to get robbed again. So we gave her address to the elders and they are gonna go by.

Lastly we had a barbuque today at the mission presidence house. And their hopuse is SOOO NICE. Like dang. it felt weird being in a nice place. Like I felt uncoftable at first cause of how clean and pretty it was. But it all ended up good because we had some good talks and I got to see the MTC Squad and we had some DELICIOUS hamburgers and beans and chips. And we even had cake for presidents birthday. SO all good times and we are just getting back to our area to do everything for Pday.
Man there is no time in the mision for anything.

Fun fact. We found a Cat (a baby Kitten) at the church and I name him Thomas after the Profet. Super adorable and we took him to a members house to live so Now I have 4 animals that I have named in Costarica. Basically I Love it here.

Thanks for the letters and cards. I apreciate all the love you guys send me. I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and Remebered the birth of the savior, because It is him that we celebrate. Never forget that because of him all is posible. I love you guys!   Watch this Its one of my favorites.

Also is the new video and it is wonderfull! 

Con Mucho Amor
Hermana Freeze  

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