Friday, January 8, 2016

"Todo Bien"

Well week two has come and gone and all is well.

So much happens each day I dont even have time to write in my journal at night! ahh but its sooo good! Ill start with yesterday and today.

Sunday was Awesome and I didnt have to talk in front of the whole congregation in spanish. Whoop whoop! Everyone in my ward is SO Nice. Like the best people you could imagine. They are all so pacient with my lack of spanish and they send there love all the time. Yesterday afternoon our stake put on a christmas party in the park. There was a stage and each ward sung like 3 christmas songs for everyone. In my ward the young women decided to do it which means me too. So I got up with 10 other girls and we sung Joy to the World and Hark the harold angels sing in spanish for everyone. Way out of my comfort zone but hey thats what the mission is all about! IT was alot of fun and I LOVE Christmas so it was a nice break from working all day! Then we hiked to asseri (another mission area in our zone) and all of the sisters in our zone slept in one apartment. Okay let me tell you, I thought are apartment was like really nice but I was like maybe I just expected a nasty place to live... No our apartment is WAY nice. This other apartment was nasty they had a mini friedge that was nastyy and there was like 3 colonies of ants living all over the place and their sink was nasty and their dishes werent clean and there stuff was everywherre... it was scary. And we had to sleep 6 missionaries on 3 twin mattresses with no pillows or blankets... it was an adventure. Oh and let me mention that all 7 other missionaries are native spanish speakers. That was scary, having a slumber party with girls that dont speak your language. but none the less it was really fun except I didnt sleep like at all. We then got up at 3 am to leave at 4am to hike a mountain in the dark. Man I was praying the whole way up cause I couldnt see nothing. It was honestly a miracle that nobady got hurt. So we hiked for like 2 hours to this rock and watched the sunset! it was SOOOO Beautiful! I felt so humbled by it. You realize how small you are and how amazing God is and how blessed you are when you look at a view like that! Man absolutly incredable. So Supper Good time! 

The rest of the week was good. I got some sad news from my family but its okay bacause I was studdying my scriptures and I was reading in 2 Nephi 4 (Ithink) and Nephi talks about all the things God has helped him through and in one of the verses he basically says Its okay because " I know in whom I Have trusted" or something like that. It really anwsered my pray and reminded me thet He is always in charge. I know that I am suppose to be her right now and that my familly is being watched over. In the end of this trial I want to look back and say I Hermana Freeze Know in whom I have trusted. So all is well. But please keep my family in your prayers!

Other fun things. Remeber those dogs that I named randomly, well the names stuck. The owner still calls them Blacky, Curly, and Oreo. Lol. And we saw this cat that was like the fluffiest and whitest beautiful cat I havve ever seen and so it is Rey del Gatos (king of the cats) so now we joke and every perfect cat we see joins the royal family of Cats! Ahh So good! Its hard work here and we walk ALLLL the time but you find things to keep it fun like naming everyones animals!

Another fun thing about costa rica is the weather here is perfect. Its hot in the mornings but we are usually inside studying till 11am so its perfecct. It cools down in the afternoon when we do the most walking and the tempeture is perfect. It cools down alot at night ewnough that I can use a blanket and sleep comfortably. Actually the worst place to be in Costa Rica is Inside because it blocks the breeze and the the humidity just takes over and you get really hot really fast... But I basically am so Blessed because this place is just different enough to feel like a different country and just similar enough to feel safe and homie. Idk maybe I have been around to many mexicans and Puerto Ricans becuase This place feels like home. The native spanish speakers feel more like home then the americans... So like thats nice! 

Spanish is coming okay! everyone tells me I speak better and anm learning faster than most people but it doesnt feel like it... I get so frusterated with my self because I cant say what I want. Everyone thinks Im shy... Like no I just cant talk to you like I normally would if it was English! They say after 3 Months you can pretty much understand everything and another 3 months to be cofortable speaking completly! But its okay because I have the best Companion In the world and she gets me and listens to my messed up spanish. She is honestly an Angel!! 

Well I dont know what much to say. Maybe I will get better at Writting next week. I will write down what I want to tell you guys so My emails arent so all over the place! Ahhh Wish me luck for the next couple weeks they are going to be fun! Oh and we have a christmas Party on the 22 so we will be writing home on tuesday instead! 

I Love and miss everyone! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

Con Mucho Amor 

Hermana Freeze! 

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