Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ups and Downs

The mission is seriously the best and worst time of your life haha. And by worst its really not bad at all. It is all kinda really confusing. Lets take food for example.

All in one week I had the best meal Ive ever eaten on my mission and the worst. ewwww
Worst. We had white bread, white rice, potatos, some choped tomato with chopped up hot dogs in a liquidy red sauce oh and we drank jell-o as our drink. like straight lime jell-o that haddent formed yet. And remember every porton is a thanks giving dinner portion. So yeah that one was rough. Oh and my companion couldnt finish hers so I had to help. I thought I was going to die. 

But yesterday we had the most amazing meal. We had rice but it was like a different rice. honestly the best rice ive had in costarica with some grilled fresh veggies sauted acorn squash a grilled chicken that was amazing and a fresh limeaid with fresh basil and a cin-apple struddle for dessert. Oh my gosh it was so good. solike ups and downs everyday.

With spanish this week its been a big thing to tell jokes but like I dont understand any of them. I spend all day laughing at nothing. But I think my companion is the only one who realizes I have no idea what is going on.

Oh also this week we had a missionary get sick and go home so she has to trio with me and my companion but we have 2 areas Gravillias and Jardin so I spent half the week in one and half the week in the other and we had to find tons of members to help be companions. It is seriously crazy. I have no Idea how we did it. But I was in the other area this week and we were at an investagators house and I had actually taught once before there with Hermana Perez so that was fun to see because a Month ago the didnt want to go to church or do anything and now we are teaching there 17 year old daughter as weel. So we were teaching the law of Chastity and her little brother just starts climbing all over me and taking my stuff so im fighting of this 3 year old while we are trying to teach and Im talking he is ALL OVER ME like on top of my back and im like pushing him off like crazxy. Its aweful. The he gets a hold of my water bottle and straight in his mouth.... ewwww so I had to wash it like 4 times. you just dont really trust the mouth of a wild child ya know. The Hna Perez was praying and ive got my hads clapsed and as shes praying I am gaurding my stuff from this kid and he ends up like with all my stuff and standing on my back. Man it was a difficult lesson. This same kid while we were in the church waiting for his mom he like was Running everywhere so finally he runs into the bathroom and shuts the door and flushes the tolit with his hands in the water and hes drinking it too... lets just say it was a hard weekend.

But heres the cool thing this same family who didnt want to go to church or read their scriptures after a month they were at the baptism of the elders saturday night. Then on the way to there house the mom said I recived an anwser. I know its all true I want to get baptised tomarrow... and were like uhhh are you sure. dont you want to wait for your husban or daughter. and shes like no. this is my decision I want to get baptised tommarrow. And its like 8:45pm and if she wants to get baptised tomarrow it has to be at 8AM... so we called the bishop hoping he would say no... but he said yes. so within 12 hours we got called and got permission from everyone, called and got talks set, songs picked, filled up the font, set up all the chairs, found baptismal clothes (the hardest part), had the baptismal interview had members and everthing there at 8 am and she was baptised and recived the gift of the holy ghost in sacrament at 9am. 12hrs and the baptism went without a problem. It was lots of running and we had to wake up super early for the font and the clothes... it was seriosly crazy and I have no idea how we did it. And the good news is I didnt get robbed... yayyyy. seriously the biggest miracle I have ever seen. 

So as you can see its been quite a week. And we have an Apostle of the lord coming on saturday this week so stay tuned for that. Oh and saturday we have 3 more baptisms and a ward activity. so thats gonna be a fun day.

Oh I forgot to say I finally got my christmas packages from my family this week too! So I had a secound christmas in our apartment. It was great. we even had santa hats and stockings!

Oh and I got to hold a super cute cat this week. So you all can enjoy those pictures. 

Love you all! 
Hermana Freeze 

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