Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stress is so real in the mission.

Well hello fam all is well in the Barrio with the two hermanas who dont speak spanish! We have had a heck of a week and it went by even faster then the first two together! and heres the bad news first. I cant sleep. I was so sick 3 days this week because I havent been able to sleep for like 3 weeks. So my body finally had enough and shut down this week. I had a ton of problems eating this week and a threw up like two nights(sorry for the imformation) and I had migranes like crazy. and then i like basically couldnt one day. So yes stress is real. And guess what my stress is. Well being in another country and not knowing spanish but like knowing enough spanish is one thing but what really has been stressing me is the leaders in the mission! They are killing me. They are more needy then our investegators. And sometimes the lack of the support in the ward is hard too. but i guess some how president found out that I been sick because im not sleeping and he made us come in for an interview. And I just got to let it all out and then he basically gave me permission to tell everyone to back off and me and hermana Soe can just work and do what we do! so we are going to go work super hard these next few weeks. Oh and since me and president are cool he told me I have another change with Hermana Soe so we have like 2 and a half months to find some miracles in Jardin. So no need to worry. SOmething I heard that I loved was the work will always go on. You can help the work or you can do nothing but it wont hurt the work. People have tried to ruin the work of salvation and its niot possible. Really the lord doesnt even need missionaries! he just needs faithfull saints to live the gospel to the best of the ability and then some. So please if theres something you struggle with in the gospel of Jesus Christ or dont understand. Start now. Start with one thing at a time. Pray about it. Read about it. put the principle in your life and try to live it. and with you fail because no ones perfect Repent and start again. Pray, read, learn, Practice, repent and I can promise you will see the blessings and you will gain a testamony of this part of the gospel of Jesus Christ becuase remember his Gospel is perfect. The church isnt perfect because we arent perfect but the Gospel is perfect. Every principle can help us in this life and in the next where, if we are faithful, we can live with our families forever. That is why we are here. That is our goal. La Vida Eterna! So keep on treking! I know this life isnt easy but life is to be Enjoyed not endured! Till next week mi familia! 
te Amo! PURA VIDA! 

Hermana Freeze 

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