Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Winning the battles, but losing the war.

This week was super hard. First of trios are hard. Secound Hermana Montepueque is in like all sorts of pain with her teeth and what not and wasnt really that nice but like you got to understand she cant eat or sleep. Third hermana Soe and I have a ton of anxity for the furture and honestly we are so scared to be left alone. And Last I was super sick and like wasnt a happy camper this week. And well the Mission is hard. 

All this week has just been weird. Teaching is weird and Hna M keeps trying to make us do stuff and we keep fighting her. Cause she like acts like shes not part of our compaionship but she is so we faught her all week long to not be left alone. And we won almost all of them untill she left this morning to get her wisdom teeth taking out and now its just me and Hermana Soe in this big Spanish World. So this is gonna be a fun week. Its gonna be the MTC all over again. And the conclusion I came to as WHy Im in this situation is becuase President trust me... I DONT WANT TO BE TRUSTED. I wanna be a problem misionary they have more fun. or at least less responsibility and resposibility in the mission is scary. But Yesterday I had a good boost. One of the members said my spanish has improved so much! He said he cant belive i UNDERSTAND SO MUCH FOR ONLY 4 MONTHS OF SPANISH EVER!! (sorry Caps Lock) So that was a good last min help with my confidence this week. 

Oh and this week as been SUPER HOT. Im dying. WE have been sweating and hiking all over our area its crazy. so if Im looking rough in my photos its because these last few days have been rough. 

Oh and one thing Ive really been learning and recognizing more is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has one of the most important roles in this world. To testify of truth. And those who are baptised recive this Gift. THis gift is more powerful than anything you can imagine. Especially if you are living worthy to have it every day. We have to investagators in particular who this week told us that They could see the Holy Ghost in us. That the only reason the listened is becuase the can feel the goodness and the truth as we speak and even when we first enter thier house. I know this is because I am living worthy to have the companionship of the holy Ghost in my Life. Thats how powerful this girft is. People can see it and feel it even before you open your mouth to speak. I am so greatful for the guidence of the spirit in my life and for the opertunity to help other people recive this amazing gift. If your struggling with feeling the spirit we need to ask ourselves. Am I really Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Am I reading my Scriptures everyday and obeying the Commandments of God... Every Commandment, especially keeping the Sabeth day Holy? Are my thoughts clean and worthy to have a member of the God head as my Companion? If you anwsered No to any of these no worries you can start today. Repent and Try again, set spiritual goals every week and achieve them! 

I love you all SOOOOO Much thanks for all your letters the really help when the language gets you down! 

Shout out to the Arkanssa Bunch for all their CHristmas cards this week. Nothing like a 2nd Christmans in Febrero to brighten your day!! Seriously I am so Grateful for you guys and all your love and prayers and letters! 

Stay tuned to find out all the trials me and Hermana Soe have to go through this week! haha Wish us Luck! 

Pura Vida! 
Hermana Freeze 

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