Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Actual Fastest Week of My Life

Im seerious. The fastest week of my life. 

We have divisions with hermana Perez because she still doesnt have a companion... its crazy dont ask. 

We had a meeting that lasted from 8 in the morning to 5pm at the office. It was awesome but super long. then we had divisions with the other hermanas because my companion has to do that kind of stuff, so went to the other area to help hermana Perez! 

We has to go out of our mission to get a Pano for the wisdom teeth of my companion which she has to get takin out. 

side note. 

We saw a miracle this week. We had been teaching a family and one day we went to teach them and the grandpa said no ones here. and we were like okay thats okay well just come back. and then he was like NO NEVER COME BACK. THEY DONT LIKE YOU. GOD WILLING YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK TO MY HOUSE.... and we were like uhhh okay were gona talk to Jose and stephanie about it but have a great day. And for like a good solid week we tried to teach but it never worked out and idk thngs were just weird. Well we had advice not to go back to the house without 3rd person and this day we still had Hermana Perez with us so we decided to go. The grand father was there but he was sick and sleeping on the couch. We started to teach the Restoration of the GOspel of Jesus Christ. The Most important lession and as we were teaching the Grandpa started to like move and wake up, but the spirit was so Strong and we just kept teaching and baring testimony of all these things and you will never belive what happen. The gandpa acepted our lesson.He even told us I never understood before, im 75 years old and still learning and I kno0w what your saying is true please can I have a book of mormon to read and know for myself... and were like uhhh yeah Ive got one right here for you. and Jose also was like I lovwe the bible and your telling me there is more than just the Bible... like God talks to all his people... and were like YES. Ah man seriously miracle. It was the most powerful lesson we have had so far. And I cant even Explain the joy we felt for them Super great day. 

Found out about our changes... Turns out I get a new Companion. Some of you may recognize her. She was my companion in the MTC... and yep we have the same amount of spansh... which means we are both going to die in our area. But Hna Montepeque will be with us for 3 weeks maybe but she will be having surgery... so were all on our own in this beautiful spanish world... help. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COMPANION! we has a ton of fiestas it was so fun. The main one was at our favorite families house because thier little daugfhter Camilia has a birthday this week too! Seriously tho saturday was one of the most fun days. 

My companion got sick at church so we had to go lay down at a members house and the day just disapeared.

ANd here we are. Hermana Soe is sitting next to us. We have three girls living in this tiny apartment ment for 2 and well this might as well be the most interesting 6 weeks of my mission so stay tuned to find out how much spanish we really dont know.

Love you all thanks for your support as always! 

Hermana Freeze 

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