Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wow, what a fast week!


Well Honestly this week went by sooooooo Fast. Seriously. Monday is here and I have no idea what to write. I cant even remember my week. Something funny did happen a couple days ago. Well its not super funny but to me I just died laughing. We were waiting for the bus and this lady was asking us about what we were preaching and then she didnt really listen to us at all and instead started talking for a long time about how no body in this world has faith and that they have churches in africa or something like that... I dont know it was alot and it wasnt very interesting but anyways we got on the bus and she starts to preach to this old man and like super loud. So Im not sure if I told you guys about the busses but they are HUGE but like pretty nice. But these buss drivers drive like Crazy. If anyone had driven with my dad its like that but worse. They take off super fast and stop super close to other cars and the roads arent super good and they are really narrow and curvy. Well we are on this buss and this Lady is Preaching up a Storm and all of the sudden the buss takes the same usual Scary turn but this time it hits another car and BAM the lady preaching FLies out of her seat. Like im talking she just like dramatically fell all over the place. And like it jolted me a little but this Lady full on Fell out of her seat. And I know I should have been worried if she was okay and dont worry she is completly fine but seriously it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. It was like Slow Motion. She just went forward and was waving her arms everywhere. Seriously I was dying. It was so funny.

Another Cool Story. A couple weeks ago we we ran into a man on the street. He asked us where our church was and he was super sad looking, and he looked super just down. We told him and asked if we could pay him a visit. Turns out he is a member of our church but has been inactive for like 20 years. He just had a stroke and in going through physical thearpy and just has had a hard couple of years. We shared some scriptures and a thought with him and waited and he didnt come to church. We went to visit again a couple more times. Each time with more prayer and more scriptures. He was in a lot of pain so we had the bishop come and give him a blessing too. Each time we went he looked better and better. Then this sunday When he walked in the church it was an amazing feeling. But later that day we went to visit him at his house and he just had such a light. I have never seen him this happy. I Cant even discribe the difference we saw when he started to read his scriptures again and pray and come to church. I know that after partaking of the sacrament he had the holy ghost with him again. I could physically see a difference in him. I also know that God loves each and everyone one of his children. This man didnt look like much. He didnt have a family or a light of happiness anywhere near him the first time we met. but I know that God placed us in that street that day to help him and guide him back to the light which is our savior Jesus Christ. It was something so simple but I honestly saw God bless the life of a man who has nothing really to give but he was still given so much- God knows us all so personally its amazing! 

Lasty Something irritating. We were talking to a man someday and it started off with a question. He said he had a question. And he went on how the glory of God is his laws and that the laws never change and that the commandments of God are forever because its the glory of God and that Men keep changing Gods Glory and its not right. But after a little more digging his really question or problem was where in the bible does it say that Jesus Changed the Holy day to Sunday instead of Sarturday. Seriously this was his problem. After much talking and teaching we tried to help him see that profets were around to give guidence and help for each time and so there is some veriation in the laws because every aplication four our time and law can change but ultimitaly he didnt want to listen. So I finally said It doesnt say anywhere in the Bible that the Sabeth day is saturday. and he got like super ofended. Hes like YES IT DOES IN EXODUS and im like ive read the bible and the word Saturday is not in the bible. Well turns out the word Sabet wich can be translated to rest is aparently really close to Sabado in the SPANISH Bible. Whoops. haha like how was I suppose to know. That isnt in the English Scriptures. Anyways basically what I got out of this conversation is for all of you our there do not let the little things keep you from growing your faith. One day when I go to talk with God and Jesus and they are looking back at my life they are not going to tell me that because I worshiped on Sunday instead of Saturday I cant Go to Heaven... It really isnt important. What is important is the principle. We need to Give at least one full day for the lord. As long as I obey this Commandment in my heart The actual day really isnt that important. So Please Please Please do not let the little things that dont matter govern your faith. Please make sure that your Faith is centered on Christ, The Scriptures, Personal Prayer and Personal Revelation. I promise that if it is you wont let a problem like this slow the progression of your faith.

Last thing. Recently we have been reading the confrence talks for october in our studies and they are SOOO GOOD!!! I encourage all of you to get the Conference LIAHONA or Heres the link to read or listen to them on line. They are SO Good and will Change your life. 

A Few I really like are 

A summer with Great Aunt Rose
What Lack I Yet 
Its never to early and never to late 
It works wonderfully

But really they are all SOOO Good! Hope everyone has a great week!

Hernama Freeze  

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