Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Where did the Week go?

This week went so fast and thinking back I cant even tell you anythig that happened.Im sure lots happened, good and bad. And im sure I have lots of spanish stories, good and bad, but I honestly cant think of any. The highlight of the week was Saturday. It was the craziest day. We took a Van 2 hrs to the othre mission and go to see Elder Baker (he was in the MTC with me) which was fun to talk about the differences in our missions and I got to talk to the Gang and see Hermana Soe who I LOVE! We had a little picnic and got fresh fruit and then we got to listen to an apostle of the Lord speak. A real special witness of the lord Jesus christ. That he lives and Guides the Church today! It was the most amazing experience that I cant even begin to tell you the things I heard, learned, and felt. I cant tell you that our Savior lives and he hasnt left us alone in this beautiful world! After the conference I we got bussed back and we ran to our ward activity that had already started and at the End of the activity we had 3 Baptisms. The childfren of a family we had been teaching! It was absolutly beautiful. After we spent an hour frantically looking for clothes. And one of her kids ended up wearing tights from our neighbors. Its a long story. But anyways this week was good and ended with the spiritial exspereince of a lifetime. Thats all I really have for this week. Im just so tired I cant remember anything. haha The mission is awesome but it kicks your but with sleep and work. I hope everyone is having a good week dont forget to read your scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. Thats the word of God at your fingertips. So go read it. It will change your life. 

Con Amor 
Hermana Freeze 

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