Saturday, August 27, 2016

A seriously amazing week

This week was so good and went soooo fast.  We started with divisions and i spent 2 days in viscaya where I ate the best food from el salvador. seriously AMAZING

Then we got to go to the temple with a recent convert to take out her endowments. It was seriously the most special experience. I cant even explain to you what a strong spirit was in the room and to remind me that Im here so that all can make these special covenents in la casa del señor and live with there families forever! not just for this life but for eternity. 

WE ended with a service project that no one showed up to. but we helped clean the church just us and the relief society prez. so that was fun. and finished with our baptism. of Jose. Which was the most amazing day! And there was a ton of baptism this day but our president and his wife chose to come to ours. I actually cried when I saw them. THey are just the most amazing people. But therer cant be a baptism without a probem.

my fist baptism - we got robbed in the morning 
second- the font over flowed- 
third- we couldnt find clothes and we ran around till secounds before to find some 
And this one- THE POWER GOES OUT FOR ONLY THE SECCTION THAT CONTAINS THE CHURCH. WE WERE 30min without light and we almost had to baptise him in the dark. It was aweful. Something all ways has to go wrong. then we pray like crazy and all is good. Pura VIda 

Thats pretty much the week. I have 2 weeks left in Jardin and im off for a new area! Wish me luck. 

Con Amor 
Hermana Freeze

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