Saturday, August 27, 2016


"To grow your relationship with God, you need ALONE time with God."-Elder Holland

Okay Okay! First off im so sorry I havent written in whoooooooo tiempo but! Im All good! I was taking a Fast from my emails to focus more on the mission and get rid of some of the Homesickness I guess you can call it. You can all expect lots of photos and emails from now on! THis one will be short because I dont have much time! But I just want to thank everyone for the Birthday emails and wishes and support! Without you guys, prayer, and the scriptures, Nothing is possible. But my alone time with the mission has be very great! We have had 2 baptisms and we have 2 more coming! But heres some photos from this week! 

For my companions Birthday we made tamales with a member! after a really fun ward activity! 

Then for my birthday we got hats! That are super dope! Ate cake with a member and its tradiction to bite the cake here. Then we went to another families house and they gave us gifts and cake and dinner! More Bitting cake haha we played games and then ended the night in one more house !

Then we finished the night and the elders cooked us dinner and we had more cake and Ice cream and then we finished the night talking cause me and my comanion couldnt sleep! It was a great day and Im So greatful for those who made it special here in COsta Rica and in the States! Love and miss you guys! ANd this week we have a Baptism that I will Explain more next week! I hope everone has a great week! 

But the Best thing was my friends in the office planed our zone meeting with something else so that Hermana SOe could come see me for my birthday week! Shout out to ELder Winders for Giving me the best gift ever! 

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