Saturday, August 27, 2016


Well it finally happened. I got transfered and Im far from the city like I thought! Im here in the beautiful Perez Zeledon. Its pure feilds and small towns but I love it! My companion is Hermana Perez! She is from Las Vegas and has a few trasferes less then me in the mission but she is super awesome! Im excited to work with her but was a little bumbed that she isnt latin! But guess God wants me to still speak English or learn to be more converted to my mission language! Either way we will see. Sorry not much time this week cause of changes. to get to my area from the zone capital it is 3 hours by bus. and my zone capital is 1 hr or more from San Jose. But good news is the beach is in our area! Bad news is it is 1/2 hrs away and we dont go often cause its far. But I feel really blessed and humbled to be put here and Im so excited to meet the people! They seem more my type and my companion is just the sweeted caring hermana you will ever meet! SO I will let yall know what comes my way in Perez Zeledon! ANd get readdy to be attacked with photos next week. For those of you who have left an area, your first area in the mission, its really hard. Yes I cried. But I also had a ton of dinner and lunch invitations and gifts so hopefully I can send pictures next week with all the people that have touched my life in Barrion Jardin! 

Honestly The mission is more for us then it ever will be for other people. There is no better time in your life to serve 24/7 without worldy distraction. And being a missionary alows you to see people and things in a different light, It is truly a humble blessing that I will never forget! Thank you all for your letters and Cards! They have truly helped me in time in my life and im greatful for your blessings and prayers! I hope everyone has a great week and that you truly cherished your mothers this week. but more then one day or one week all year. There is nothing more amazing then a mother and I hope you all can see and realize what she does for you! My mom is the most amazing person in my life and I am who I am becasue she is a women of strength and faith. I love you mom! Thanks for all the lessons you taught me and the example that you are for me and for those around you! Ive never met a person more willing to give of her self for others. I hope you felt very special on this day and Im sorry I couldnt be there. But I love you with all my heart and I hope you can feel just a part of my love and gratitude that I wish I could give you in our house but its coming form costa rica and its filled with more blessings! LOVE YOU MOM! 

Hermana Freeze

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