Saturday, August 27, 2016

Perez is hard.

Well it has been a very interesting week.  We taught alot and had some great lessons. But man do the people have problems here. And we all know if they kept the comandments of God they wouldnt have as much problems but you feel kinda silly teaching hope and obedience and enduring to the end why they tell you all these situations. And you just want to help and take away all their problems but you cant. So emotionally this area has been tough.  But especially with the people struggling financially what they need is the gospel. I forgot what Apostle said this but If a person is really poor the best thing you can give them to help is a gospel of Jesus Christ because we know that money does not bring happieness and if we helped them get a job and suddenly they a rich. They still dont have what the need and the next trial that comes they are gonna hurt just as much and be just as sad. Because we know material things dont bring happiness. But Obedience to the laws of the gospel does and it brings blessings and strength. Enough to handle what ever burden you are asked to carry. So yeah I feel silly talking about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy when someone doesnt even  have food to seat. But we know like it says in this scripture 

 20 There is lawirrevocably decreed in heaven before thefoundations of this world, upon which all blessings arepredicated—
 21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is byobedience to that law upon which it is predicated.
 That every blessing comes because we were obedient. So if we are struggling a little more then usual we must do are part to abtain blessings. He is waiting to bless us. We just have to but half the work it. And he will always meet us half way. 
We Pray like everything depends on God. Then we work like everything depends on us. 
But Other then having to Go to the office on thursday (which is a 7hr round trip) and not having Electricity for 4 days (because no one believed me and they just thought we forgot to pay our bill.) It as been an good week.  And I got to hold like 4 baby puppies this week. And man its the small things in the mission. Anyways hope everyone is doing well and earning your blessings. I miss you all! And thanks for the prayers and blessings! 
Con Amor Hermana Freeze 

Heres a good photo to show how fed up I was to not have electricity for 4 days and i have to do everything at night with this dang candle. It was super uncomfortable. nothing like some mood lighting with your comp. 

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