Saturday, August 27, 2016

Two great weeks

The first week of this change I forgot to write... and by forgot I just lost my motivation to write because that week our pday was thrusday but we wrote in the morning on monday and it was just weird and we said good by to a ton of people and it was just a hard week to write. This week was so good tho! It went by so fast. We worked on monday which was hard and then all we I was tired. Then we woke up at like 4 am thursday to go to the temple and then saturday and sunday was conference. And man was it a good week. The bblessings of god have been so good this week. ANd after having the opertunity to do a session in the temple I feel spiritualy ready to take on the next 6 months. Man the temple is so amazing and if you were listning the apostols talked about it alot and how important it is to be worthy to go and go often. I feel so blessed to be worthy to enter the house of the lord here on this earth and even more blessed for the oppertunity to hear from leaders called of god! I would like to highlight on a talk by Bonnie

Oh my gosh she just nailed everything we belive in in one talk. SHe was so clear and testified of the truth of the restored church and the fact that famlies can be together forever. 

Her main quote that stuck out to me was 

Do you belive it or not. WHen times get tough and trials come our way we need to ask ourself. Do you belive it or not. Do you belive that you will see you loved ones again after death because of the reserection that is given to all men. DO you belive that christ atoned for all our sins and with that we can be forgiven and we can start fresh and we can be healed. this phrase is so important and we need to ask it when as much as we can. And if we dont belive it we must go look for help in the scriptures and faily and friends where it teaches us how to gain a testimony of these things. because withought the hope from the gospel it really is a dark world.

I love you all thinks for your love and support. I hope when it comes down to it you can not only say I believe it but I know it. 

Con Mucho Amor 
Hermana Freeze

Said good bye to Elder sandoval and Hermana Peres last week and it was so sad. But we did get to eat a ton of good food at members houses because of it! 

Then thursday we got to go to the beautiful COsta Rica temple! And I gained a sister in the mission! Hermana Montepeque (my trainer) is training again so I have a beautiful sister from California and shes way cool! 
Then we went to play football and it was way fun but super hot and I think I got sun burnt or just some really ugly tan lines... ewww and basically im a child and made everyone go buy smoothies and go to the park! It was awesoem! 

Had another birthday party and we celebrated with food and the ost delicious cake ive ever tasted! Of course it had ants crawling all over it but it tasted good haha 

Learned how to make great coconut donuts frm super mom.

and today we played futball and ate tico burguesas 

which were sooo good. SOrtry the pictures suck but i have a hard time talking normal photos for those who know me they understand haha 

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