Saturday, August 27, 2016


When we were hiking out to the boon docks one day we came across these bulls taking water to a family that doesnt have any. It was really cool to see. They had the traditional cart and yoke.

Then We went and sung happy birthday to this cute little old lady that we visit every week. Every week we go and clean her house just to serve and help. Its really nice to see how much we can help just with the little things we do for other people! Its been an experience Ill never forget.

WE also went and taught this week and one of the families we visit gave us these beautiful skirts. that are so comfortable! And we went contacting in a different part our area that we have never been to before and it was so nice and we met a family that really needs are help. So its cool to see the blessings of the lord are over all those that have faith in him.

Then we had a suprise Baby shower for our super mom. And let me tell you Spanish sucks some times. And basically I didnt understand some things and some stuff went down, ANd long story short we showed up 1 hr 15 late with the evelyn and it was a party for her. Oh man it was embarissing. But hey just taught me a valuable lesson about asking for specifics. Confirming anf LISTNING. Actually listning to what people are saying. Not what we think they are saying. 

one of the members has a daughter that is OBSESSED with Lord of the rings and the hobbit... and lets just say we get along really well. We went to her house and She had made me the stone from the hobbit as a key chain. ANd I basically died. Shes so awesome.

Then on sunday we got to go hear a fireside from the piano Guys and Jose our investagator when with us. He has the coolest story of his testimony. The live in a part that we walk by often but never visited their house. And he was in prision for a week or two and he just had a good old heart to heart with god that was like please lord just send me the truth. Send me more of your word send me the message I need. And a week before he got out we knocked on his door and started teaching his sister and her daughter. Everything was going so well and when he got out his sister was like 2 misisonaries have been visiting me. And hes like cool what church. and she was likt the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. And he goes what thats weird and didnt think anything of it. THen we taught the retoration to his sister and he happened to be there. We talked alot about the book of mormon and the need for it and the prophacies of it and that you just have to read it. and we continued to visit his sister till she got caught up in work and problems with life and wasnt willing to change to follow gods commandments and recieve those blessings. But we kept asking Jose. Have you read and prayed yet. And no was the anwser every time. and we said HERMANO You have to read it to know. and he goes yeah yeah I just dont have a desire. and I said no worries hermano can we come by and read every day with you the scriptures just to know. And so we started reading a little everyday and bam. from day one the spirit struck him so hard and he has a burning testimony of this book and it has changed his life. He is a new man and is helping his family be better as well. its been suck a blessing to watch. Because us as missionaries do absolutly nothing really. only serve and share messages about Jesus. But the message we share can change lives and I know with out a doubt how true it is. because I have see the power it holds. This is the lords work. Entonces this is Jose and he has been a miracle to watch. 

Well for P day we hiked a mountain and played hide and go seek in the woods at the top.



Top of the MOUNTAIn

Playing the typical Joseh smith game at the top of the mountain and cause Im week I played against a 12  year old. And good news is I won haha 

Oh the way down we went through a bamboo jungle

and theres a giant tree with natural vines that we went and swung on. and guess who lets go and falls in the middle of the swing... me haha it was really funnY! Then we climbed the tree and it was HUGEEEE and finished our trek there. Seriously a great day.

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