Saturday, August 27, 2016

Livin' the small town life

Well Its my first week in Perez and its been alright. I love it and hate it at the same time. It might be a long couple of months. First off Im dumb and lost my camera charger at the very begining of my mission. but lucky me the phone chargers had the same concetion so I was okay. Till I came here. And we litterly have the most getto phone you have ever seen in you life. and the the charger is ANCIENT and doesnt work with my camera... sad so thats why this week will only be photos of my old area! 

First day there and I watched a big dog eat a small dog... And Cried. Then day 2 We were going good and a daughter of a prostatute was talking to us and abusing a little puppy and she thought it was funny and I was about to cry because of how wrong the situation was. THen Day 3 we went and taught at a house where someone said they were child molesters so we like had to be super careful and it was scary becuse they like invited us into the house and I was feeling super uncomfortable. Day 4 we were talking to someone why was having a hard time with her child being rebelious and were like whats going on eith him and shes like well hes got mixed up with gangs and he told me that they killd a man and he was part of it. And I was like uhhhhh what I just met you. ANd I had no Idea what to say. Then sunday we have to go to a stake conference that is 3hrs 30 min away. so we had to wwake up at 4 am and we spent more time in a buss then we did at the church. It was so hard to stay awake to. THen sunday night I listened all night long to what sounded like a cat dying. And Its been like one week. Hermana Perez is funny because she told me she has been here 6 months and nothing like this has ever happpened... and Im like Im so sorry. Cause bad things are following me here... Someone or something does not want me to be in this area. So It might be a rough change. 

On the good side is my companion is great! She needs help with spanish so I teach most everything but we work really good together and we get along! Also We have alot of people really prepared for Baptism too and we have 23 investigators right now! So this should be fun if the bad things stop happening er might have alot of success together! Cool story this week is we went to visit this lady that misioneras have been visiting since sept of last year and hermana Perez was telling me like yeah she isnt progressing and I was like okay well lets go see. Went in and taught a good lession filled with the spirit and it went very well and she was really openng up and gaing a testimony of our savior. Then when we returned again this week we talked again to here and she was like I think Im ready to be baptised. ANd we were like what? ANd she told us that she has seen a million sets of missionarys but that somethiung was different. SHe said while we were teaching she felt something so powerful a peace that had great worth to her. A peace she needed that was so clear to her. ANd I was like woah. Completely took me off gaurd because I can speak perfect spanish so you think that well im usless but what Im understanding alot here is people can feel the truth in our message. I amd gain a strong testimony of the power of thr spirit when we teach. And if we can continue how we are Hermana Perez are gonna make our Branch into a Ward! Thats the area goal! SO wish us luck! 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Look for the spirit in your life and Go to church! Never complain its too far away. because I road 3.5 hours into the mountains this week to go to church. There is no compaining and there is no exscuse. 

Oh and Hermana Hayes shared this quote this week and I loved it and thought IU would share! 


Faith is The Power
The Spirit is The Key 
Obedience is the Price 
Love is the Motive 
Christ is The Reason 

Con Mucho Amor! 
Hermana Freeze

First of 2 weeks ago we played with watter balloons and It was absolutly the best day ever! Cause its so hot here! WE tried to play like volloy ball or something but it became a war! haha

Then for my last Pday we played Lazzer tag! But the other missionarys invited us too late and we were already in everyday clothes so yeah I ran around in a skirt playing Lazer tag! haha It was so fun. WE played district againest district but we lost :( I blame the church clothes haha 

Then my last week in Jardin we get a call from this hermana and shes like I need you to come here now. And were like whats up what do you need? and shes like I need your hands! And were like okay? so we go and she has to make 150 Pinatas by hand for KFC! ANd were like man! Okay lets get to work! SO for 2 days I made Pinatas in the whole morning! So basically if your having a birthday and dont want to buy a pinata let me know because im basically a pro. Just saying!

Then The last Week In Jardin was just saying good bye! So sad. These were some members and there Aunt was a lady we were teachining. But these little girls always showed up by them selves without there partents every sunday! They walked 30 min with there boy cousin every week because there parents had to work but they knew how important it is to go to church and learn and read your scriptures. THey were absolutly incredible little children with there hearts and minds set on christ. 

This is the Jardin crew. We worked so well together Hermanas and Elders and the work was progressing so well because we served each other as lesson I learned so well on the mission is If your district or your companionship isnt doing well then the work stops. If you cant get alongs with the missionaries then satan can stop the work because the spirit is gone. So it is just as important to serve our companions as the people on the street. I like to apply that to our families. We think that serving means looking beyond and doing all these amazing things but really serving in our families is the most important work we can do. We work to gether as families and If there isnt peace then no one progresses and the spirit is lost in our homes. We should start serving in our homes first. When parents and children can work together to serve one another in open comunication they can work miracles through the lord in faith and service. And when our families are strong and fortified with the spirit of love and charity together we can serve outwards. But I can tell you right now if your wanting to serve and change to be better. Start in your family first. There the ones who need it most.

Well fun fact here in Costarica you can buy like a bottled coke and they always ask you if you want it in a bag or to drink it here. And we always said here. One day I realised when they say do you want me to put it in a bag, they are talking about the liqid not like the whole coke with the bottle. So last week IWas like Hermana Lets drink coke out of a bag... so we did haha and it was absolutly bizzar, but it was a nice coke haha

More good byes this is lindas cat. ANd if you look close it wants to kill me but I love animals and they dont have a choice to love me or not haha. Im wearing a hat because we had a photo shoot in her house and its the funniest thing you have ever seen. I would send more photos but they are flat out UGLY! haha Linda is like 17 and she was like my best friend in the ward. Litterly the best YW there. I miss her lots!

Ate Pancakes at my first cooks house. She is the sweetest lady and her dog Dixie is SOOOOOO Cute. ANd she only has 3 legs but I love her and Nacy cooks the best food in Costa rica. I miss her  rich food

Also Finished the week with a cheese party and the nicest women I have ever met. WE met this family because I couldnt speak spanish and her daughter talked with me in english and we just kept in contact and this last week we met the mom. ANd she is the most precios women I have ever met. She even came to church my last sunday with a gift. A water bottle and lotion becuase she was worried in Perez I would be to hot! This is my 2nd mother in costa rica. And she doesnt have much she loves to cook and she had these gormet cheeses that she shared with us for my last week. I cant even explain how special this women is for us. It was hard to leave becuse we finally started teaching her last week. and she already was so close to us and was so smart and prepared to recive the restored gospel and then I had to leave ;(! I hope God continues to carry her to her right path in life!

Then on sunday I got to skype my favorite mom in the whole wide world! And my puppy was there!! It was a good call! 

Hardest family to say good bye! This is my convert family and super Mom!! I cant even explain what they mean to me. Words arnt enough so Im not going to try. Just know they are family to me.

Last smoothie in Jardin and my last moment with Hermana SOe who I miss SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much. And Elder Ellis also had changes so we headed off to the van right after this! 

Saying good bye to my mexican hermana who always slips me Candy! And yes she slipped me candyt as I drovge off in the van!

ANd then I get to cartago and I got to se ELDER WINDERS!!!!!! Best part of the transfer! Untill I learned he was going to be in a zone with Hermana Soe again And I got sent out and away from my friends in the misson. But its cool because Perez is 3 hours from everything so we dont see anyone anyways. But yeah that was the hardest week of my life. Good byes suck :( 

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