Saturday, August 27, 2016

Well Hello Again!

Well Hello Again! This week was another good week. Honestly it was more fun then work. but you have to learn to enjoy all sides of the mission! We will start with the spiritual! We had a Baptism!! His name is Daladier. If I havent already told you we found him eating at a Comida China... cause my comp was hungry and I wanted Fried rice. We got to know the manager and we now everytime we pass buy we just say hi and see how they are doing! Well we stop buy one day and Daladier is just a worker that was there by him self. We have a basic conversation and then I ask you know we are missionaries and we are here to serve. is there anything we can do for you? And he goes you know what sure. can you come visit me in my house on my days off. We show up and he starts explaining how he wants to be a better Christian and how hes been looking for the true church. and basically it has been a pleasure to watch his conversion. and it all started with a simple question. I cant even tell you the amount of people we find just by asking. I know as Members we are sometimes scared to talk about our testimony of Christ becuase it can offend someone. But I have learned that it doesnt hurt to ask. How many people are searching for truth and light and how to be a better person. and YOU have the Anwser. but we are scared to ask. I was reminded of this story. 

Consider that you are invited to a friend’s house for breakfast. On the table you see a large pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice from which your host fills his glass. But he offers you none. Finally, you ask, “Could I have a glass of orange juice?”
He replies, “Oh, I am sorry. I was afraid you might not like orange juice, and I didn’t want to offend you by offering you something you didn’t desire.”
Now, that sounds absurd, but it is not too different from the way we hesitate to offer up something far sweeter than orange juice. I have often worried how I would answer some friend about my hesitancy when I meet him beyond the veil.
It is so true! We are all guilty of this. But I dont want to meet someone in the next life who tells me. Why didnt you ask me. I was waiting for the truth and you were scared to ask. THat is how we are with what he says , is something far sweeter then orange juice. ITs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which helps bind families in unity and faith. It is something so precious and sweet for those who are living it full that we should all have the charity and love for other people to ask. But remember God wont force anyone to go to heaven so we must always respect the agency of the other person but if we truly do love them we should be INVITING them to follow Christ. As Lds members we have so much more knowlege that we have the responsibility to share. So I hope everyone this week can find someone to share there sweet Orange Juice with. Because the blessings of missionary work go far beyond helping people through a trial but we can help people live with there families for eternity with the sealng keys that have been given in this dispensation.
I learned this and SOO much more for Daladier. As I watched him progress basically on his own to the waters of baptisms. All I had to do was ask.
Love you all so much! THanks for the Emails of lOve and support I have recived! I miss you all and now I will be sending more pictures! 
Yesterday I got to see Elder Jones and Elder Winders! We came into the misison together and they are like my family! Both working as secrataries right now. THere crazy. So heres us! 

And my Comp made a key lime pie! (thanking of Granny) for is Bday! 

Then for those of you who know me I love SILLY String! so you can see what happened there.

then there is a tradition is Costa Rica to smash eggs on peoples heads for their birthdays... yes real eggs. so we did it! haha 

Here is Elder Abel Smasing eggs! haha and next we will see a video... After he washed it all off... and was clean. BAMB I hit him with another egg! haha

Well we had another Elder with a birthday this week! 

WE made him dinner! Which was good but it started to rain so we had to move the fire INSIDE: It was not safe. but we survived! 

Then I taught everyone about Smores! For those of you who know me I love Rosted (burnt) marshmellows! SO We had a campfire and a taught everyone what a smore is! 

So Yesterday we had the funnest Activity but since we live forever away from everyone here in CR we got permission to go up sunday night! But the activity wasnt till 1... so us being  tired of being in exile desided to go to San Jose and enjoy ourself Before the activity! We went to a Theater and then to a market. Saw the tallest buidling in CR... isnt that tall but it was a good time. 

This is what missionaries do for fun with free time. 

We went to a money store where they have money from ALL OVER THE WORLD and lots of it! But its all old and super cool! So heres me with lots of money! 

Here is my Zone at the last meeting and the activity yesterday! It was SO Good! 

Well Finished Pday racing Cars. which I killed at!!! A got 7th over all but I was 1st of the Hermanas! I think its cause none of the girls really know how to drive. And pues I do haha. KILLED IT 

I have more pictures but like no time! Love you all! Have a great week! 

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