Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Well I had a very good christmas. Saturday we had a baptism. Of this boy and not many people came because it was christmas but it was the most spiritual baptism ive had all my mission. It helped me remember why im here. We want to offer the blessing of christs atonement to all. what better way to spend christmas even then serving the lord in his work. Great Day. THen I talked in Church sunday morning reminding people that if we want to know the savior and be like him we must change. This is a gospel of Changes. We should be progressing every day every week and every year if not how are we going to become like the savior? if we never act we will always be stuck in the same but this gospel is about new begginings. SO as a Christmas gift to the savior I repented of more of my sins and I Invited all I talked to that day to also repent. It was a good day. and that night we ate BBQ outside and played uno. Good day. 

best part has to be seeing my family. It just helps me see all the more blessings I have waiting for me outside of the mission  

After christmas we did alot of service and we played with lots of christmas toys. WE even recived a couple gifts from people so it was a great week. Lots of service to do around the holiday time! I hope you all found ways to serve. if not keep looking. Theres lots to do and change this new year!

Well we had a ward activity and we did everythig. Helped cook the food and we did the entertainment and the party games and we cleaned. it was a CRAZY long day and we were so exhausted. Here was part of our acting. we did a runway show with double meanings in spanish. I was the Traje del Baño. (bathing suit) suit of the bathroom is the dirrect translation so theres the funny thing. I went in bathroom things. haha. so that was part of my week.

For New years we walked like all day looking for people to teach but like no one wanted us and finally at night we went to a party. and there was more BBQ and more uno and they started palying music in english and so ELder Gibby and I started singing and then all of the sudden they brought a mic and I dont know how but we ended up in a kariokee party for like the whole night. IT WAS CRAZY. Then they like to play with gun powder here so there was like lots of explosions and when we finally went home we could barely see from all the smoke in the air. IT was kinda scary but fun. then we lit up sparklers with our neighbors. and we may or may not have gotten home alittle late and so with a bottle of welch we decided to wait till midnight. SO we wrote in our journals and got ready for bed counted down till mid-night and when it hit midnight we screamed hugged and turned the lights of and knelt down to pray to go to bed. But after our prayer it was IMPOSIBLE to sleep casue they had fireworks going off like CRAZY! SO we just listened in darkness to all the parties outside and funny thing is it started to raight excatlly at 12 so it wasnt too much party. which is better cause i was waiting for someone to burn a house down. Its not really safe the things the use and where they use them. SO the biggest blessing was the rain! haha And that was my new years! 

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