Wednesday, April 12, 2017


HEYYY Like 2 weeeks ago we had a zone conference in Siquirres! Yep thats right lots of Hermanas were in LIMON! (where there are no Hermanas) and it was a good meeting but the best part is afterwards the whole Zone went out to give 1,000 flyers inviting people to an open house! so we spent like 4 hours knocking doors with this cute little girl. It was actually really fun! ANd well heres some crazy pictures. ANd yes one of them was us stalking a cat. that was to proud to come up to us. Dang cat. it was so cute 

Then we made PUPUSAS SUnday night! Mi hija was DYIINGGG cause like 3 months without a pupusa for someone from EL Salvador is really hard! so finally we made them! ANd well they turned out pretty dang good. 

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