Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Well Finally In my Mission we helped kill a Pig and what an expereince. It probably should have made me sad but I just kept thinking of all the good food I could make like baccon and so then it made me hungry haha... Too Awhile to get upp the courage to touch but but in the end we had a party taking photos with the poor pig. Regrets.... I think not. THen yesterday we ate chicharones from that same pig. Bless his little family cause they were really good. 

EWWWWW Even though it was dead it would like move and make sounds... creepy

And yes we took pictures with the head.

I just want to show you how Costa rica does it. THis man was carving up that pig and never stopped smoking the whole time...


Well MY Bishop is the coolest in the world so I got to have a BBQ night with another Bishop from our stake! We had so much fun and I made 3 homemade BBQ Sauces! THey tasted alright. Still missing the good stuff from home but it was way fun and our Bishop gave us good a thumbs up!

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