Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Days or Weeks?

Wow so every day this week felt like a week. It was just a party none stop. 

Monday we made Donutts to say good bye too my best friend here in Perez. Laura. She has really changes my perspective on so many things. An amazng member. That is just so powerful in her faith. And well she cooks well. so that was a good biter sweet moment. Shes diching me to go travel central america so I probably wont see her before I leavve perez.

Tuesday I found a lizzard thing outside and decided to make it our pet during district meeting. It was just so small I had to carefor him. Well after the meeting I Think he was dying cause he turned white... not really sure. RIP little friend 

Then we had a date to go cooking with a less active and we had to go buy Queso. But like it was flooding outside. So we had to Cross a river practically to get this cheese and we showed up SOAKing WEtt!

So one of my favorite families in all the world just got back from Honduras cause her son got married. SO his new wife taught us how to make Food from there. Needless to say im a pro at making tortillas de la mano. Basically Latin. So That was fun and we got to celebrate A birthday of Elder Valles. But he doesnt eat sweets so the cake is mainly for me. 

Then I got to say goodbye to a member that lives really far away and has been so sick for so long. But let me tell you she has gained so much strenghth and faith from these trials. I saw her almost 5 months earlier but she was not the same women I say. She has grown through the challenges of this life. Helped me really thank God this week for the atonment in our lifes and the power it gives us. 
Also she gave us 2 avacatos. the size of a small Ball. They were huge.

So As tradition for the guys in the mission at the 1 year mark they burn a white shirt. ANd here I am thinkin I can burn something. I hit 1 year so I wanna Burn something. ANd I did. A nice shirt skirt combo that has been torn and stained from 1 year in the mission. and well I did it. And it was crazy! SO fun and freeing. I felt like I burned the old me and started new with who the lord wants me to be. It was something so simple to burn some old clothes but for me I was letting Go of the Old me. Ready to move on and be who God wants me to be. Its amazing what he can do if we can give him our will and our love. If we can use the atonement with humility and really let him Burn up our sins. Burn up our Bad habits. Bun up the things we dont like. We dont have to bee the same. Thanks to him there are 2nd chances and we can always heal us. He can take away our pain and our shame and give us the strength to always keep going. Im so greatful for the atonement in my life and that he really will forgive us of our sin. A good friend of mine told me today 

. God doesn't punish us for it as long as we repent, but we do lose that time we wasted on the eternal scale of things, in our process of becoming greater. SO say you spent 2 years away from increasing who you are, and start up again, the only thing you lose is those 2 years. He's so forgiving that he gives us back everything he can. 

We can always progress. If we arent progressing in these moments its okay but your only loosing time. Cause if you repent today tomorrow you start new. He doesnt hold those things against you. If we repent with a true heart. 

Well We celebrated the end of a hard week with pizza and ice cream. Fun fact my ice cream was just filled with likt frosteed flakes... thats was my dessert Ice cream with cereal... But like it was good. 

More food Pics. Me and my companion at a lunch appt. And a tipical soap. 

Here was us doing service. We litterally live in a jungle. Its crazy. Service her is like Clearing land with Machete. its fun. But scary. And I always feel like someone is gonna get Cut...

But on another note I have the best Comp in the world! She decorated my Desk for my 1 year! Yay! 

Sorry for the overload of pictures! Ill write more next week. miracles happened and we had 4 investigators in church this week. ANd one is the girl who is searching for light and happiness and SHe is finding it in Christ our lord. Great expereince this week. 

Love you all be good! AND READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! 

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